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Become A Man Of Action w/ Michael Sartain

Learn Speak Teach Episode #99 with Michael Sartain. Watch the full episode on Youtube:  In this insightful episode, Ben Albert Interviews Michael Sartain, a retired US military officer, performance coach, and founder of He dives into various topics, including […]

Action Creates Clarity w/ Heather Parady

Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #55 Heather Parady. Watch the full episode on Youtube: Sadly, there are so many people with ideas that could positively impact many people but fail to do so because they fail to have the balls to […]

Sean Castrina Creates a Business Plan in 15 Minutes

Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #53 Sean Castrina. Watch the full episode on Youtube: In this episode, we sit down with Sean Castrina, the author of “The World’s Greatest Business Plan.” We explore the process of crafting a business plan from […]

Top 3 Ways To Become A Better Marketer in Any Market

Ben’s Bites #10. In today’s challenging environment, with potential economic uncertainties and looming recessions, evolving into a better marketer is not just an aspiration; it’s essential. It calls for a blend of strategic thinking and flexibility. In this captivating episode, […]