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Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #55 Heather Parady.

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Sadly, there are so many people with ideas that could positively impact many people but fail to do so because they fail to have the balls to start. According to Heather, today’s episode guest, action creates clarity; projects usually reveal themselves by honoring them through starting. 

Heather is a mental health therapist turned online entrepreneur who helps outside-the-box leaders bring their services online to scale their impact. She has hosted multiple top-ranking shows and conducted over a thousand interviews. She has been featured in Forbes, Pop-Sugar, and, most importantly, the front of her mom’s refrigerator.

Heather asserts that you need to start where you are and with what you have instead of fixating on the end goal. One needs to work backward by asking oneself what one small thing can do today with what one currently has. 

The productive/creative process is disciplined, and one needs to love what one does because genuine passion drives commitment and consistency. This disciplined process favors even a small commitment of five minutes daily instead of sporadic bursts of motivation. 

To be productive, one has to set restrictions. These restrictions could range from having to do something towards your daily goal for five minutes. In the case of Heather, she has a seat whereby she puts the restriction of not getting up until she has done what needs to be done. 

In case you are a creative who does not know where to start, Heather advices that finding your voice starts with using your voice.

Tune in and learn!

Quote Of The Day:

“Action creates clarity.” ~Heather Parady

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:26] Learning from Observation

[05:31] Uncovering Clarity Through Action

[06:56] Finding Voice Through Action

[09:23] Simplifying Complex Ideas

[10:43] Disciplined Ideation Process

[12:32] Editing Process and Content Quality

[13:28] Taking Action with Available Resources

[15:21] Overcoming Inaction

[16:20] Embracing Creative Restrictions

Key Takeaways:

  • “There are hints given to us only through action.” ~ Heather Parady [04:32]
  • “The secret is not in these tools, the secret is your own balls.” ~ Heather Parady [14:27]
  • What is one thing you can do today to move closer to your objective? [15:14]
  • Consistency surpasses sporadic bursts of excitement or enthusiasm even if it’s just five minutes a day. [15:55]
  • Restricting yourself creatively can enhance productivity. [16:07]

Integration Assignment

Look at what’s in your hand. What do you have at your disposal right now? And ask this question to yourself honestly, am I utilizing it to its full extent? Ask yourself what i the next right move? What small thing can you do today towards your goal?. [13:44]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

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  3. Gilbert, E. (2015). Big magic: Creative living beyond fear. Penguin.
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