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Learn Speak Teach Episode #52 with Andrea Marcellus

Let’s be real: Are you tired of trendy workout regimens, not eating what you love, saying no thank you because you’re on diet, not enjoying your life, and still not getting anywhere? 

Health and well-being can be so much easier to obtain than you even think. Every time you label food as ‘good and bad,’ you’re in effect, saying that the food will make you either good or bad. This not only makes you guilty but also impacts your self-worth. Instead, you can focus on what the food does, beneficial or non-beneficial, rather than whether it is good or bad. When you choose foods that are awesome and beneficial, you are choosing awesomeness and sending a signal to yourself that you’re only worth the most awesome things. Awesome means it generates energy and joy in you. Choosing it will help you improve your health and well-being.  

You are awesome. Your body is awesome. You deserve success.

Andrea is a life strategist and fitness expert with 25 years of experience, a writer, actress, parent, friend and person just like everyone else who struggles to be and do all that they feel capable of and still have a respectable social life. Her mission is to help you climb out from under your to-do lists to discover what you’re truly capable of becoming and have the time to make it happen.

Watch The Full Episode:

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Andrea Marcellus

[03:39] Andrea’s mission 

[06:03] What inspired Andrea to pursue fitness

[08:11] Self-care scaffolding 

[10:27] Where and how to get started 

[16:08] Andrea’s genius program 

[18:29] A little nibble from Andrea on where to start without counting calories 

[24:11] Ways that we can detach and focus on ourselves 

[30:26] Living the rule of awesome

[37:59] Personal authenticity: Personalizing whatever makes you feel your best 

[40:24] Andrea’s fingerprint; what brings her joy and lights her up the most

[43:53] New is the key

[45:35] Creating consistent habits

[49:12] Rapid Fire Round

[55:42] How to reach out, connect and learn more about Andrea  

[56:40] Ending the show and call to action 

Notable Quotes   

~ “Practical little strategies can make it very easy to level up your well-being in little bits throughout the day, even when you don’t notice.” ~ [10:02]

~ “Calorie counting doesn’t work, the growing workout regimens don’t work, unless your life is a lab circumstance where you can be precise and exact all the time.” ~ [13:30]

“Every time you label a food good or bad, you’re in essence telling yourself you’re good or bad when eating it. What we choose to say matters.” ~ [32:27]

“If you’re choosing foods that are awesome, you’re sending yourself a signal of your own worth, that you’re only worth the most awesome things.” ~ [32:54]

“Awesome means it generates energy in you, and it generates joy. So, if you start to choose joy you are choosing awesome in everything, and your life will level up exponentially, and you’ll lose weight.” ~ [34:56]

“Put into your schedule a time to be a student, a time to learn, a time to be surprised, and a time for new.” ~ [46:34]

Resources Mentioned

  1. Shape Up: Body and Mind
  2. Ten Percent Happier Podcast 
  3. Rachel Jenks
  4. Robert De Niro

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