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Real Hit #33: Young And Profiting Podcast w/ Hala Taha – Hala on Real Business Connections with Ben Albert

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If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you likely know who Hala Taha is. Hala is a #1 podcaster, fondly referred to as “the podcasting princess.” Hala’s podcast, Young and Profiting, gets over 35,000 downloads a month, she’s interviewed guests like Matthew McConaughey, Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Jordan Harbinger, and more. In the first year of starting her business, Young and Profiting, Hala made $2 million in revenue, and on top of all that? Hala is a LinkedIn influencer with a following of over 150k.

But who really is this thriving entrepreneur and podcaster, and how did she do it?

In this episode of Learn, Speak, Teach on the Real Connection Network, host Ben Albert talks with Hala about her journey to #1 podcaster, why she chose podcasting as a career, how Hala prepares for episodes, the challenges of starting a podcast, tips and strategies Hala used to grow her show and her LinkedIn following, and so much more.

Topics Include: 

– Who really is Hala Taha?

– Why podcasting?

– Starting YAP Media Podcast Network

– Podcasting as a tool for networking, lead generation, and learning

– How Hala prepares for each episode

– Why over preparation gives Hala confidence

– How Hala trained her team

– Challenges of starting a podcast

– How Hala gained traction on podcast apps

– Creative strategies Hala used to grow her show

– Resources that help people with podcasting

– Hala’s advice on building a LinkedIn following

– A new LinkedIn trend Hala started

– Why nuance makes all the difference

– Accomplishments and gender association

– Rapid-fire questions

– And other topics…

Ben Albert is the founder, host, and producer of the Real Business Connections podcast network. He is also the founder, owner, and CEO of Balbert Marketing, a company specializing in marketing consultation, digital services, and print advertising for growing businesses.

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