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Real Hits #44: “Smart Business: The Unexpected Truths of Leading a Successful (and fun) Business with Ben Albert | Ep. 93” — Soul Purpose Leadership Podcast w/ Jennifer Watson.

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Soul Purpose Leadership Show Notes:

We are BACK with Episode 93 of Soul Purpose Leadership and today we’re talking Smart Business: The unexpected truths of Leading a Successful (and fun) Business with Ben Albert!

Ben is the owner of Balbert Marketing LLC. He is also the curator of The “Real Business Connections Network,” where he hosts five podcasts. Once an underdog, now a successful entrepreneur, Ben is passionate about helping other underdogs achieve their dreams. Ben is on a mission to actually move the needle on one million lives, one conversation at a time.

Why move the needle for someone else? “I don’t want other to feel small,” says Ben, who bravely shares his story with us today.

In this episode we discuss how to actually move the needle in someone else’s life. “It’s really about being a bridge… getting the wisdom, the knowledge, the stories, the success – from the people who have it, to the people who are looking for it.” -Ben Albert

Ben also talks with us about getting real with himself and going from zero to hero… from average to actually excelling… and the things he subtracted from his life which made space for exponential growth! What do you need to subtract?

We chat about imposter syndrome, too, and get this: “If your actions – your moments – your life is misaligned with who you’re trying to become you’re going to feel like an imposter.” Mic drop, Ben!

And of course, we discuss success in business where Ben graciously shares from his personal experience: “No one was coming to save me… I had to stop making excuses and take personal responsibility.” -Ben on when he decided to take the plunge and move his needle, asking for help, and investing in mentorship.

Lastly, we discuss the key (or lack of?) to success, staying curious, and growing in emotional and tactical connections along with Ben’s top marketing strategies!

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