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Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #43 Troy Ericson.

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Welcome to this insightful podcast episode with Troy Ericson, The Email Paramedic and owner of,,&

Since 2019, his company has generated over 100 million for clients by enhancing email copy and deliverability. Troy has collaborated with industry leaders like Traffic & Funnels and SmartMarketer and was ranked the #20 Copywriter globally.

Get ready to discover the untapped power of email marketing over social media as Troy shares how emails provide a unique, private space for genuine one-on-one connections, away from the noise of social platforms.

Find out the optimal frequency for sending emails to engage your audience without overwhelming them. Learn about the game-changing potential of email segmentation which enables you to deliver personalized content that resonates with each recipient.

Additionally, Troy explores some recommended email tools that can supercharge your campaigns. Troy’s insights are a goldmine for anyone seeking to optimize their email outreach.

Tune in!

Quote Of The Day:

“Advantages are taken, not handed out.” ~Metallica


[01:53] Meet our guest; Troy Ericson

[03:20] Quote of the day: “Advantages are taken, not handed out.” ~Metallica

[04:31] Why email marketing is better than social media marketing

[07:02] What should be the frequency of sending emails? 

[09:31] The power of email segmentation 

[12:35] How to measure your email marketing success

[15:16] Recommended tools for sending emails 



Campaign Refinery:



[16:35] The success story of one of Troy’s clients 

[19:39] How to learn more from Troy


[20:28] Integration assignment 

Key Takeaways:

  • “Advantages are taken, not handed out.” ~Metallica [03:20]
  • Email provides you with a private space away from social media, where people can have a one-on-one connection with you [05:56]
  • Unsubscribes in emails just mean that the people are not the best fit [11:21]
  • Switching software or switching platforms and expecting better results is like switching gyms and expecting to get stronger [15:05]
  • Reducing the promotional content in the email is key for deliverability [17:12]
  • “If you are a person with a good story and a good offer, you’re going to be pretty unstoppable on the internet.” ~Troy Ericson [21:15]

Integration Assignment:  

Get your story straight and confidently tell it to someone close to you, and then you can begin sharing it with strangers on the internet.

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. ActiveCampaign:
  2. Klaviyo:
  3. Campaign Refinery:
  4. Ontraport:
  5. Instantly:

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