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Fifteen Minute Friday episode #42 with Mariana Semenza.

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In today’s visually-driven world, brand photography has become a powerful tool for businesses and individuals. It goes beyond showcasing products; it weaves compelling narratives that connect with audiences profoundly.

In this episode, Ben Albert sits down with Marlana Semenza, a photographer and visual strategist who helps her clients create photographs that tell their stories. She emphasizes the essence of brand photography, asserting that it should speak volumes about your unique story. Marlana recounts her extraordinary journey to becoming a photographer for WWE, providing listeners with insightful lessons along the way.

Today’s inspiring quote by Henry David Thoreau sets the tone for the episode: “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” Marlana emphasizes the three essential elements in every image—the photographer, the subject, and the viewer, illustrating their deep relationship.

She reveals her invaluable tips for capturing stunning shots, emphasizing the significance of focusing on light and background to produce high-quality pictures. Find out more about her “photographer in the pocket” service, a game-changing approach to brand photography that empowers individuals to have a professional photographer in their pocket. Anywhere.

Tune in now to unlock the power of visual storytelling and elevate to new heights.

Quote Of The Day:

“It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau


[01:40] Marlana Semenza’s bio

[03:08] How she became a photographer at WWE

[04:29] Quote of the day: “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau

[05:36] How to ensure your images match your brand

[06:59] A Case study of a client she worked with

[09:32] Marlana’s photographer in the pocket service and how it works

[11:36] Tips for taking high-quality pictures

[13:44] Huge mistakes people make when they are personal branding themselves online through images

[15:39] How to connect with Marlana  


[16:41] Integration assignment

Key Takeaways:

  • Quote of the day: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~Jim Rohn [04:09]
  • If people warm up to you over time, they will eventually talk about themselves. [13:45]
  • We are all placed here on this planet to share our journey and go through our struggles in a way that benefits the people who may be listening. [18:26]
  • People underestimate their life journey and think it won’t be valuable to anyone. However, withholding our life’s journey denies someone in need the opportunity to find relatability and guidance in our experiences. [20:11]

Integration Assignment:  

First, decide who you are conversing with, then start talking to them. 

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