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Leaving Orthodox Judaism w/ Tova Mirvis

Learn Speak Teach Episode #92 with Tova Mirvis.

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Tova Mirvis, author of “The Book of Separation.” Tova shares her powerful journey of personal discovery and separation from her Orthodox Jewish Heritage. Known for best-selling novels like “Visible City“, “The Outside World” and “The Ladies Auxiliary,” Tova recognizes the strength of personal stories in creating connection.

Tova’s experience, as shared in “The Book of Separation: A Memoir,” illustrates the transformative power of storytelling and the universal importance of understanding and connection amidst life’s challenges.

During our conversation, Tova talks about the complexity of her experience with divorce, filled with conflicting emotions and a sense of duty. She highlights the challenge of expressing nuanced feelings without being too prescriptive.

Tova also openly discusses her journey out of orthodoxy, emphasizing it was a series of decisions rather than one big moment.

Join us for insights into Tova’s journey, inner transformation, embracing change, and the power of personal storytelling. Additionally, she gives valuable advice on listening to your inner voice, being authentic, and handling past mistakes with compassion.

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:08] Meet our guest, Tova Mirvis

[02:14] Fiction to memoir: Tova’s journey into vulnerability

[08:59] Her creative writing process

[15:53] Tova’s struggle with her religions rules

[20:20] Tova’s lessons in small moments and compassion for the past

[26:18] How Tova embraces authenticity in writing

[18:47] How did Tova’s book impact others?

[20:06] Tova’s pivotal moment after leaving orthodoxy

[35:28] How Tova creates stories that transform lives

[40:16] Why should we emphasize the importance of the journey rather than just focusing on reaching the destination

[45:49] A sneak peek into Tova’s future novel

[48:55] Tova’s creative wisdom and the art of doing and undoing

[50:08] Rapid Fire Round

Key Takeaways:

• “When you put something vulnerable out in the world, as scary as it is, it really is. I think that’s what invites other people to share their stories and to want to have that sense of connection.” ~Tova Mirvis [05:36]

• “It’s something I never imagined I would do. It challenges not only religious and family norms but also our self-identity. We can overcome our internal barriers, which can be the most difficult ones.” ~Tova Mirvis [17:17]

• “Despite the differences, we shared a common experience, grappling with the pain of leaving a community that shaped our core identity.” ~Tova Mirvis [37:03]

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