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Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #37 with John Bowens.

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Retirement plans, such as IRAs and 401(k)s, are vital for securing financial stability in later life. With these options, individuals can ensure their financial well-being, benefiting from the magic of compounding over time.

Joining us today is John Bowens, a renowned Self-Directed IRA educator and director at Equity Trust Company. In this episode, we dive into the amazing advantages of IRA and 401(k) retirement plans, uncovering the key to a prosperous financial future.

John Bowens emphasizes that speed and active involvement are key to wealth multiplication. As he astutely states, “Money likes speed, and money likes us to be involved.” By harnessing the power of a self-directed IRA, you can mitigate the impact of taxation, allowing your money to grow more quickly and bringing you nearer to your retirement and financial objectives in less time.

John also walks us through the advantages and disadvantages of alternative investments, illuminating their potential rewards and risks. Additionally, he imparts invaluable knowledge on the obstacles to entry in self-directed IRA investments and strategies to surmount them.

Tune in and set out on an accelerated path toward your retirement and financial goals.


[01:17] Introducing today’s guest; John Bowens

[03:45] The benefits of IRA and 401(k) retirement plans

[04:29] The definition of self-directed IRA (SDIRA)

[06:51] The advantage of a Self-directed IRA 

[08:55] How to connect and learn more from John;



[11:18] What is the barrier to entry into IRA investment?

[15:29] The pros and cons of alternative investments 

[17:30] YouTube:

[19:51] Integration assignment

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use your IRA or 401(k) retirement plans to invest in a privately held company. [05:48]
  • “Money likes speed, and money likes us to be involved.” ~ John Bowens [07:29]
  • If you can eliminate the burden of taxation, your compounding returns will be much greater. If your compounding returns are much greater, you can reach your retirement and financial goals in a shorter period. [10:03]

Integration Assignment:  

Start building your investment objective and then build the structure

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