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Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #28 with GG The Franchise Guide.

Different people have different interpretations of freedom. For some people, freedom means having a lot of money or free time, while others interpret freedom as living without restrictions or limitations. Nevertheless, freedom is something that we all desire, and our perception of freedom is always changing and evolving with time.

People who are bold enough to take the risk of starting their own businesses gain financial and time freedom. Franchises are a great way for people to have freedom and flexibility. Franchising allows you to decide when, where, and how to work.

In this episode, Ben interviews Giuseppe Grammatico, ‘GG The Franchise Guide.’ GG is a franchising advisor who has owned several Master Franchise licenses and has enjoyed a successful franchising career, guiding over 200 individuals through business ownership, many for the first time. 

In addition to 2 decades in franchising, he has 20 years of sales, marketing, and management experience. 

Join the conversation as GG shares his insights on franchising, what to look for in a franchise, and how franchising can provide you with financial and time freedom.

GG also discusses his book Franchise Freedom: A New Manifesto For Your Financial And Time Freedom

You’ll learn about the  unfair advantage of investing in a franchise and how franchise ownership gives you freedom.

Quote Of The Day:  

“Freedom favors the bold.”


[00:21] Episode introduction 

[00:48] Introducing today’s guest; Giuseppe Grammatico ‘GG The Franchise Guide ’

[02:06] The ‘Grammatico pizza’ named after him 

[04:12] Quote of the day: “Freedom favors the bold.”~ Giuseppe Grammatico

[05:20] What freedom looks like for GG

[07:41] Does franchise ownership allow you to have freedom?

[08:16] The unfair advantage of investing in a franchise

[09:40] His book Franchise Freedom: A New Manifesto For Your Financial And Time Freedom;

[12:05] Ben Albert’s episode on GG’s podcast Franchise Freedom:

[13:10] Support and learn more from GG:

[14:16] Integration assignment

Key Takeaways:  

  • “Freedom favors the bold.”~ Giuseppe Grammatico [04:12]
  • Freedom is all about being able to do what you want to do when you want to. [04:20]   
  • The advantage of a franchise is that it can get you up and running quickly [08:16]

Integration Assignment:  

Get into the habit of time blocking

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. Franchise Freedom: A New Manifesto For Your Financial And Time Freedom;
  2. David C Barnett:

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