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Real Hit #36 – The Be Better Broadcast w/ Brandon Eastman – “How To Build Self-Confidence In Sales | Dai Manuel & Brandon Eastman.”

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Show notes:
Building self-confidence in sales is the cure-all for peak performance and an extraordinary life. Your inner world CREATES your outer world: feeling great about yourself and your product will elevate you to new levels of sales success. Dai Manuel is going to show you how he creates massive levels of confidence and how you can, too!

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About this episode:
Welcome to The Be Better Broadcast! This show is here to help you perform at your peak and amplify your success in your personal and professional life. We help you set clear goals and achieve those goals, with the intention of creating a truly extraordinary life.

Confidence isn’t something you ‘have’…

Confidence is something you DO.

In sales, lack of confidence in yourself or your product will make or break a deal.

How you feel about yourself makes a BIG difference in your pursuit of sales excellence.

Dai Manuel epitomizes this concept of self-confidence.

If you’ve ever met Dai, you have been dazzled by his absolute certainty that he can and will serve his clients in a BIG way.

But, this hasn’t always been the case. He had to work for it. Hours and years of work.

In this conversation with Dai, you will discover how to

???? Unlock VAST reserves of confidence in your body & soul,
???? Get on the fast-track to extraordinary results in sales & life, and
???? Express your confidence in a way that best serves your clients!

This conversation will happen FAST and will be VERY high-energy…

Have your notebook handy!

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