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Ben’s Bites episode #11.

Join us for another riveting episode of Ben’s Bites. In this installment, Ben Albert shares his valuable insights from the Summit of Greatness, an inspiring event hosted by Lewis Howes in Columbus, Ohio.

A crucial lesson he brought back is the understanding that even if we can’t dictate every external event, we hold power over our responses. It’s our inner resilience and reactions that truly shape our journey.

The summit also spotlighted the importance of recognizing and embracing our innate gifts and strengths. Echoing Inky Johnson’s wise words, “We all have strengths. Lean into your gifts,” Ben likens life to a garden. Here, each of us stands out as a unique bloom. A rose never attempts to be a daisy, and similarly, we shouldn’t attempt to be someone else. We should embrace and showcase our uniqueness, just as a flower proudly displays its petals.

Furthermore, Ben stresses the significance of prioritizing our health. While achieving optimal health might require expenses like personal trainers, gym memberships, and nutritious foods, investing in our wellbeing now will always be more affordable than addressing health complications in the future.

Ensure you catch this enlightening episode, brimming with insights that steer you towards a more enriched and genuine existence.

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[02:13] What’s in for you in today’s episode: 6 Takeaways from The Summit of Greatness

[02:56] A Glimpse into the Summit of Greatness hosted by Lewis Howes in Columbus, Ohio

[04:21] Top 6 takeaways from the summit of greatness

[04:42] Takeaway #1: We can’t always control the external, but we can control our reaction to it

[08:28] Integration assignment for takeaway #1

[09:25] Takeaway #2: Embrace your gifts.

[11:20]  Integration assignment to help you embrace your gifts

[11:47] Takeaway #3: Prioritize your health above all else

[12:04] Jaspreet Singh-Minority Mindset:

[16:38] Integration assignment for takeaway #3

[17:43] Takeaway #4: Relationships are essential; prioritize them at all costs

[19:09] Nick Santonastasso;

[19:19] How Ben got lucky at the summit

[25:37] Integration assignment for takeaway #4

[27:41] Takeaway #5: Have fun, goof off, be weird

[31:20] Integration assignment for takeaway #5

[32:10] Takeaway #6: Be yourself – Do what’s in alignment with who you are

[36:27] Integration assignment for takeaway #6

[38:24] Get in touch with Ben Albert;  

[38:46] A recap of the episode

Golden Nuggets:

  • While we can’t predict or control external events, our inner reactions and resilience define our journey [07:04]
  • “We all have strengths. Lean into your gifts.” ~Inky Johnson [09:33] 
  • Life is like a garden, and each of us is a unique flower. Just as a rose doesn’t try to be a daisy, we shouldn’t try to be someone else. Embrace your color, your fragrance, and bloom where you’re planted. Your gifts are your petals; show them off to the world. [10:29]
  • Maintaining good health is expensive; personal trainers, gym memberships, and healthy foods often come at a price. However, it’s important to realize that you will either pay now or pay later when health concerns arise. Notably, the cost of prioritizing your health will never be lower than it is right now. [15:09] 
  • ”Relationships are like bridges, connecting us to new experiences, perspectives, and opportunities. Without them, we’d be isolated islands in a vast ocean.” ~Ben Albert [25:02]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. Lewis Howes
  2. Jen Sincero
  3. Inky Johnson
  4. Vanessa Van Edwards
  5. You Are a Badass:
  6. Jaspreet Singh-Minority Mindset

7. Nick Santonastasso

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