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Stu Heinecke || How To Get A Meeting With Anyone

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Learn Speak Teach #8 w/ award-winning writer, Wall Street Journal Cartoonist, & founder of, Stu Heinecke.

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In this episode, we’re joined by Stu Heinecke, a Marketer, WSJ cartoonist, and Author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone. The book was released in 2016 and has since created a revolution in the way people get meetings and sell. Recently it was named one of the top 64 sales books of all time. People worldwide have been discovering the power of contact marketing ever since.

Stu Heinecke talks about the meaning of contact marketing, the two forms of direct marketing, the benefits of contact campaigns, examples of contact campaigns, and the most effective ways of using contact marketing. He also shares a video of influencer Billy Gene’s reaction to receiving the cartoon campaign.

Tune in to learn more about the importance of using contact marketing in growing your business.

And be sure to listen all the way through to learn “How To Grow a Business Like a Weed.”

[02:00] Stu Heinecke bio
[03:26] The meaning of contact marketing
[04:22] The two forms of direct marketing
[07:50] A video of Billy Gene’s reaction in receiving the cartoon campaign
[15:15] What Ben Albert does
[18:32] Stu’s thoughts on what Ben Albert is doing
[24:32] The benefits of contact campaigns
[40:55] Examples of contact campaigns
[44:18] Standing out in marketing
[47:04] The meaning of growing our businesses like a weed
[49:57] How to grow our businesses like a weed
[52:21] The three levels of scaling
[58:05] The closing questions

Notable quotes:
~If you can’t get meetings, nothing will happen in your life.

~If you need to get meetings with prospects that can change the scale of everything, you better be investing something into connecting with them so that they lead to business.

~If you make enough phone calls and you are fine in your approach, that will work but only to a certain extent.

~Always shoot for things that’ll make people astonished.

~Use uncrowded channels. Sending something through the mail is an uncrowded channel.

~The “weed mindset” is resilient, aggressive, argent, persistent, and optimistic.

~If you want to connect with people, stand out!

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