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Learn Speak Teach Episode #66 with Robbie Bent

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Episode #66 of Learn Speak Teach is an inspiring and enlightening conversation with Robbie Bent, the co-founder and CEO of Othership. Othership is a pioneering wellness platform, redefining emotional well-being by integrating social experiences, such as saunas, ice baths, and breathwork, into its innovative approach.

Join your host, Ben Albert, as he delves into the concept of social wellness. Traditionally, wellness activities such as meditation, yoga, and journaling have been seen as solitary pursuits. However, we have abundant social time that we crave and enjoy. Robbie poses an intriguing question: What if we could transform late night social time into an impactful, healthy, and enjoyable journey of wellness?

The power of social experiences lies in their ability to foster emotional wellness by connecting us with others, encouraging us to learn and grow together. The link between our emotions and health is undeniable, making prioritization of self-care through social experiences an essential aspect of overall well-being.

In this enlightening conversation, Robbie sheds light on why community plays a vital role in wellness and explains the myriad benefits of saunas, ice baths, and breathwork. He also provides insights into what you can expect from a bathhouse experience and shares the life-enhancing impact of finding awe in everyday experiences.

Explore the future of emotional wellness with Othership’s innovative social bathhouse experiences and immersive breathwork app. Tune in and let Robbie’s wisdom inspire you to prioritize your emotional well-being and foster a sense of community in your wellness journey.

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:42] A quick bio of our guest; Robbie Bent

[03:06] The vision of Othership

[04:50] Why community is essential for wellness

[10:30] What prompted Robbie to start Othership?

[18:54] How they are able to accomplish growth and expansion in a short duration

[24:43] How breathwork and other care practices have helped them achieve success

[28:12] The benefits of sauna, ice baths, and breathwork 

[30:34] The experience to expect at the bathhouse 

[35:12] The Breathwork app;

[42:18] How you can contribute to the app;

[42:49] Robbie’s experience with psychedelic medicine

[53:14] How finding awe can improve your life

[56:37] Rapid Fire Round 

[1:00:05] Join the one-month free scholarship program;

[1:02:55] How to reach out to Othership to get free sessions for an entire weekend

[1:03:31] Connect with Robbie:



Key Takeaways:

  • When you care about the impact that you are having, the product you’ve built, and the pursuit of excellence, you are motivated to work hard. [20:14]
  • Anyone can be wired for success, but you have to make it happen. [23:55]
  • You are the captain of your journey. Your ship, your journey. [31:19]
  • There is no key to success or fulfillment. It’s a combination lock, and every one of us has our own unique combination, but the one piece of the combination which is universal is the support system [52:32]

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