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Learn Speak Teach Episode #83 with Nippy Ames.

Welcome back to Part 2 of our conversations with Sarah and Nippy of “A Little Bit Culty.”

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Today, we are joined by Anthony “Nippy” Ames, an actor and former college athlete who spent over a decade in NXIVM before helping to unmask it’s dark truths as a whistleblower. 

Nippy now co-hosts “ A Little Bit Culty Podcast ” with his wife, Sarah Edmondson, offering insights into the dangers of cults. Their daring escape from NXIVM is captured in the HBO hit docuseries, “The Vow.”

In this episode, Nippy shares the compelling mission of  A Little Bit Culty Podcast and explores the red flags to watch out for when you sense something amiss in a leader or group. He also uncovers the manipulative techniques used by cult leaders, such as the infamous love bombing and the deceptive use of social proof, as seen in the NXIVM cult.

Additionally, Nippy reveals what led him to buy into the beliefs and ideology of NXIVM, as well as the invaluable lessons he learned during his 12-year involvement with the organization.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:40] Part 1 Episode #82 w/ Sarah Edmondson:

[02:15] The mission of the A Little Bit Culty Podcast

[05:27] Red flags to look out for in a leader when you feel something is amiss

[15:43] The feedback he receives from some of the audience of his podcast

[21:40] A case study of a Nippy’s podcast guest who, despite initially exploring QAnon content on YouTube solely to support her boyfriend, ended up getting indoctrinated into the conspiracy

[24:15] How can you prevent your kids from adopting harmful online dogma?

[30:28] The love bombing technique used by cult leaders to attract and recruit new followers

[32:41] The manipulative use of social proof in the NXIVM cult

[43:42] Does the end justify the means in scenarios where leaders display cult-like behaviors for the team’s benefit?

[53:55] What led Nippy to buy into the NXIVM cult’s beliefs and ideology?

[59:53] Nippy’s goals labs coaching program

[01:09:48] The most significant lessons he learned from his 12-year involvement with NXIVM

[01:11:49] Connect and support Nippy Ames:

A Little Bit Culty Podcast:

The Vow:

[01:16:27] Nippy’s final words & episode wrap-up

Key Takeaways:

  • People who are solely focused on results tend to make sales about themselves and what they can gain from it rather than considering what the product can offer to the other person. [12:05] 
  • “Most people go to the internet to validate their belief system, not challenge it.” ~Nippy Ames [20:33]
  • The greater the value you bring to a cult organization, the more attention and recognition you receive. [32:53]
  • “We make the best decision possible based on the data and circumstance that led us to that moment.” ~Ben Albert [48:54]
  • No one is going to have your best interests at heart more than yourself, your friends, and your family. [01:10:17]
  • “Life gives you the lessons you need until you learn it.” ~Nippy Ames [01:11:14]
  • Hate doesn’t care who it has. It only seeks to grow, and it will exploit any ideology or belief system as long as it fosters more hate and violence. And it smiles when it triumphs. [01:18:01]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. Keith Raniere
  2. Jim Jones
  3. David Koresh
  4. Charles Manson
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Dana White
  7. Dalai Lama
  8. Mark Vicente
  9. Karl Marx
  10. The Vow:
  11. Scarred:
  12. Power vs. Force:
  13. Take Back Your Life:
  14. The Death of Outrage:

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