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Learn Speak Teach Episode #95 with Matt Gerlach.

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Welcome to another incredible episode of Learn Speak Teach with your host, Ben Albert. Joining us today is Matt Gerlach, a transformative entrepreneur and mentor who has mastered the art of turning inward struggles into outward success. He has navigated his journey from anxiety and self-doubt to fulfillment and abundance.

Matt is also a self-made millionaire and the owner of a thriving consulting firm. He combines his business acumen with profound professional insights, guiding individuals toward both emotional and financial abundance.

In this episode, Matt delves into his personal journey battling anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, shedding light on the onset of these challenges and how his healing journey commenced.  

Drawing from a traumatic childhood experience, Matt shares insights into what played a major role in helping him overcome childhood trauma and anxiety. Additionally, he explores why many individuals find it difficult to embark on the journey of healing and transformation, highlighting that the struggle often stems from being unaware of their power to choose.

Matt also imparts invaluable wisdom on the significance of gratitude and the often-overlooked essentials in life, such as prioritizing one’s health. Moreover, he shares with listeners a glimpse into his upcoming book.

Finally, he shares why building a community and helping one another is essential in everything he does, and what he hopes to achieve through his mastermind community.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:09] A short bio of our guest; Matt Gerlach

[03:32] The onset of Matt’s battle with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks

[06:52] How his healing journey began

[11:13] A backstory of Matt’s traumatic childhood experience

[19:12] What played the major role in helping Matt overcome childhood trauma and anxiety?

[29:20] Why do people find it hard to take a leap to heal and transform their lives?

[35:33] Matt’s advice on the value of gratitude

[40:28] Essential things in life that are rarely noticed

[52:07] Taylor Swift’s masters dispute and how she navigated it

[53:35] Matt’s favorite music

[57:29] His favorite podcasts

[1:01:15] Recommended reading

[1:04:17] Matt’s upcoming book

[1:12:48] Why building a community and helping one another is essential in everything Matt does

[1:14:55] What Matt hopes to achieve through his mastermind community

[1:16:47] The Abundance Activation Mastermind:

Key Takeaways:

  • “The wake-up calls will keep happening until you listen.” ~Oprah Winfrey [11:52]  
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for circumstances is different from blaming and shaming yourself. [21:09]
  • “We can’t change the past, but we can take responsibility for what we are gonna do in the future.” ~Ben Albert [21:25] 
  • The people who have gone through adversity are the ones who change the world. [23:34] 
  • Many individuals struggle to take the leap necessary to heal and transform their lives because they are unaware that they have a choice. [29:20] 
  • Whatever you’re going through, someone has been through it before. You just need to open yourself up to other people’s stories and learn that you can overcome your situation. [30:39] 
  • Foolish people don’t learn from their mistakes; smart people learn from their mistakes, and the wisest learn from other people’s mistakes. [31:02] 
  • You miss all the shots you don’t take. [48:26] 
  • “The bigger the opportunity, the more focus is needed.” ~Matt Gerlach [49:43] 
  • “You can’t get good at shooting without taking a lot of shots.” ~Ben Albert [50:02]

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  3. Abby Wambach
  4. The Tim Ferriss Show:
  5. Armchair Expert Podcast:
  6. Unlocking Us Podcast by Brené Brown:
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