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Learn Speak Teach Episode #87 with Mary Grothe.

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In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Mary Grothe, a faith-based leader, celebrated keynote speaker, and author. Despite having a troubled past and a history filled with hardship and failures, Mary has emerged as a top keynote speaker specializing in assisting business professionals in revenue generation, entrepreneurship, faith-based leadership, and integrating faith and work.

Her message, which underscores the power of integrating personal faith into professional endeavors, is passionately conveyed in her book, “Destination; Remarkable: Surviving the Dark Side of Success”.

In our conversion, Mary shares the profound significance behind her tattoo that reads, ‘Be who you could have become.’ Moreover, she takes us on her career journey, offering a glimpse into the backstory of her childhood and its profound impact on shaping her life.

She candidly shares the four darkest years she faced, reflecting on the pivotal moment that became the catalyst that transformed her life and led to her journey as a woman of faith.

Tune in to explore the transformative impact of embracing faith on Mary’s career, discernment, and decision-making. Additionally, she reveals how making discerned decisions has impacted her confidence.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:30] Meet our guest, Mary Grothe

[03:28] Mary’s tattoo: ‘Be who you could have become.’

[07:52] Her career journey 

[09:59] The backstory of Mary’s childhood and its impact on her life

[13:55] The 4 darkest years of Mary’s life

[14:40] How Mary rose to become the #1 sales rep and broke free from her traumatic past at 22

[17:40] What prompted Mary to start her first company at the age of 28?

[18:59] The pivotal moment that transformed Mary’s life

[22:30] Mary’s journey as a woman of faith: How she started and scaled her second company

[25:46] How did Mary change after reclaiming her payroll sales job as a woman of faith?

[33:39] Where does Mary seek answers now, and how does she discern to make the right decisions? 

[39:08] How making discerned decisions has impacted her confidence

[45:05] Get a copy of Destination; Remarkable:

[46:30] Best way to reach out to Mary Grothe


[47:13] Rapid Fire Round


Key Takeaways:

  • “Be who you could have become.” ~Mary Grothe [03:31]
  • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Every choice has an opportunity cost. [37:55]
  • Being a Christian involves being kind to people, loving them, serving them, and extending mercy and forgiveness even when they don’t deserve it. [53:22]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. Destination; Remarkable: Surviving the Dark Side of Success:

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