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Learn Speak Teach Episode #57 with Lisa Song Sutton.

In this episode, we are honored to welcome Lisa Song Sutton, a successful entrepreneur and a real rich woman. She is here to share her journey and insights on how to live in abundance and achieve financial freedom.

As an entrepreneur, achieving financial freedom means that you have the power to control your destiny, both in terms of your work and finances. You have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your time and how you want to spend your money. However, to get there, there are several things that you need to be aware of.

One of the most critical factors in achieving financial freedom as an entrepreneur is building resilience. This involves having a strong mindset and being able to work through any challenges that come your way. Resilience is a crucial factor for entrepreneurs because it helps them bounce back from setbacks and continue pushing forward towards their goals.

Mindfulness is another important aspect that entrepreneurs should incorporate into their everyday lives. Mindfulness can help entrepreneurs stay calm and make better decisions. It also provides them with the opportunity to recharge and come up with new and innovative ideas. By combining resilience and mindfulness, entrepreneurs can work towards achieving financial freedom and living a life of abundance.

Join the conversation with your host Ben Albert as he interviews Lisa Song Sutton.

Lisa is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and venture capitalist. Lisa shares some of the challenges she has encountered in her entrepreneurial journey and how she navigated them. Moreover, she discusses how to build and maintain effective business relationships, the importance of mindfulness in an entrepreneur’s life and how to build resilience.

Enjoy this episode as Lisa shares her inspiring journey and practical tips on how to achieve financial freedom and live in abundance as an entrepreneur.

Full Video:

During this episode, you will learn the following:

[01:26] Introduction to the show

[02:58] Get to know our guest; Lisa Song Sutton

[05:07] The source of her entrepreneurial drive

[06:34] Some of the challenges she has encountered in her entrepreneurial journey and how she navigated them

[08:25] What was Lisa’s first big win in her entrepreneurial journey?

[10:26] Sin City Cupcakes

[13:43] How Lisa builds and maintains effective business relationships  

[17:50] The Veteran Fund and why it’s a for-profit venture capital fund

[26:53] The importance of mindfulness in an entrepreneur’s life

[34:26] Why ladies who have been in bottle service become successful when they venture into business in a different industry

[37:36] How to build your resilience 

[43:03] Lisa’s long-term vision

[44:46] The main focus of the Real Rich Women and the importance of financial security

[46:44] Lisa’s advice to anyone who feels like they are losing themselves

[48:13] How to connect with Lisa Song Sutton

[48:47] Rapid Fire Round

Key Takeaways

  • Just because you start with whatever you got your degree in doesn’t mean you have to stay in it for the next forty years. It also doesn’t mean your time in it was a waste of time because you can leverage the resources, knowledge, and sphere you build in your next venture.  [09:13]
  • The whole idea of networking happy hour is a little antiquated in that you don’t have to spill your guts to somebody the first time you meet them and tell them all the things you do in hopes that there is a relationship that can start there. Instead, focus on establishing commonality and getting to know each other from there. [14:55]
  • Entrepreneurship is the best way to empower anyone or any community. [17:18]
  • “If you are used to placing yourself in uncomfortable situations at your own doing, you will have the mental stability to deal with it when it comes from an external place.” ~Lisa Song Sutton [41:55]
  • “The more resources you have and the more blessings you have, you should be paying that forward.” ~Lisa Song Sutton [43:48]
  • If you don’t have financial security, you are seeking it in turn. And sometimes you find it in your significant other. The crazy part about that is that you lose yourself because you now have to conform to that person’s preferences in exchange for security.  [45:11]

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