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Lance Essihos || From Alcoholism to Adversity Expert

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Learn Speak Teach #10 w/ Lance Essihos of University of Adversity.

Intuition can be a powerful tool in personal development and growth. However, most of us don’t know how to tap into our intuition or what it really is. Listening to your intuition will align you with your true self. When you’re in alignment with your truth, you have a stronger sense of purpose, direction, and motivation. This practice can help you move away from physical and mental blocks hindering your progress in life. It also gives you a better understanding of who you are, who you’re meant to be, where you’re going, and what makes you happy.

Join the conversation with Lance Essihos as he shares his journey and how he moved from alcoholism to adversity expert. Lance is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. He’s the host of the University of Adversity Podcast, which he created to help people learn from stories of adversity and transform their lives for the better.

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[03:10] Lance career backstory and podcasting journey

[06:08] Lance moments of adversities, addiction, and healing 

[11:36] Lance sobriety journey and the new practices he incorporated to replace alcohol

[14:51] Five steps to quit drinking and beat alcohol addiction 

[20:04] High and low levels of energy vibration and using alcohol as a distractor 

[23:25] Getting past the stimulus and the shiny objects 

[27:50] How Lance started his podcast and what inspired him toward his passion  

[34:30] Tapping into your intuition and staying aligned with your truth

[40:16] Personal development, intellectual stimulation, and taking action 

[43:12] Lance’s mentor and the inspiration he gets from him

[49:50] Getting clear on your whys and how this connected Lance to his success

[52:41] What next for Lance and his upcoming book “Mastering Adversity.”

[54:36] How to reach out and connect with Lance

[55:17] About the University of Adversity Podcast and what to expect 

[56:51] Call to action and ending the show

Notable Quotes  

“If you want to break a bad habit, you’ve to replace it with something else.”

“If you’re committed to what you want, nothing should get in the way.”

“Most of us use alcohol as an escape route.”

“We should give ourselves space to feel things and process them.”

“Don’t listen to the NOs. Listen to the knowing inside you.”

“It’s hard to listen to your intuition unless you quiet the noise.”

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