The Power of Relationships in Your Career w/ Kathleen Pringle

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Rochester Business Connections #142 with Kathleen Pringle.

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Join us for an enlightening episode with Kathleen Pringle, a renowned Executive Leadership Coach and Career Strategist. Kathleen sheds light on COVID-19’s seismic shift in careers, highlighting a move from life-centric careers to career-centric lives.

She discusses her strategies for aiding those feeling stagnant in their jobs and talks about her entrepreneurial journey, which led to the creation of the Kathleen Pringle Group, Inc., a leading firm for career and leadership coaching aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

A key theme is “Return on Relationship” (ROR), where Kathleen stresses the essential role of relationships in career development, describing them as the career catalysts.

She concludes by sharing about her tenure as the President of The Rochester Rotary Club and her next steps post-presidency.

Dive in to discover a roadmap for career success and personal growth.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:48] Know our guest, Kathleen Pringle

[03:36] How COVID-19 has changed the career/work landscape

[05:17] Kathleen’s experience with people who feel stuck in their careers and her approach to helping them

[11:10] The backstory of how Kathleen transitioned into entrepreneurship and founded the Kathleen Pringle Group, Inc.

[20:23] The Return on Relationship (ROR)

[28:18] When is the best time to expand your network?

[29:01] Kathleen’s advice to anyone without a large network who wants to change and expand it

[36:58] Kate’s Presidency at The Rochester Rotary Club

[39:45] Stephen M. R. Covey’s book Trust and Inspire

[43:06] How does Kathleen intend to spend her time now that she has handed over the presidency?

[48:24] Life-changing questions every person should ask themselves

[52:36] How to connect and support Kathleen Pringle



[53:32] Rapid Fire Round

[57:03] Recommended reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks 

Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 ushered in a transformative change where people no longer build their lives around their careers; instead, they now build their careers around their lives. [04:56]
  • “Network or not work.” ~Kathleen Pringle [17:49] 
  • “In career, relationships are currency.” ~Kathleen Pringle [21:36]
  • “The quality of our life is a direct correlation to the quality of questions we ask.” ~Ben Albert [26:41]
  • The best time to expand your network is to always be connecting. [28:18]
  • People listen to the words you use and form opinions and judgments. [33:29]
  • Every individual has gifts, and if you, as a leader or manager, put in the effort to cultivate those gifts, you will bring out and inspire the best in those people. However, you need to trust them to do so. [41:30]

People Mentioned and Other Resources : 

  1. Stephen Covey
  2. Trust and Inspire:
  3. The SPEED of Trust:
  4. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks:

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