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Learn Speak Teach Episode 47 with Jen Zawadzki.

When we meet our future selves, our life changes, and we are able to accomplish things that once didn’t seem imaginable or possible. Our future selves see us in a different light than we see ourselves right now. Sometimes we forget how great we are, even when we’re doing everything right and working our asses off. We forget how great we are when we feel challenged, overwhelmed, or things are not working as we may have wanted. Our future selves are always calling us to greatness and appreciate our own worthiness.

When we get a glimpse of who we truly are, we start to realize that no matter what challenges come our way, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and a greater version of us ready to conquer whatever life throws our way.

Jen Zawadzki (a.k.a. “Jen Z”) is the CEO and Founder of The Future You Project, a brand that specializes in curated gift boxes and wellness activities that elevate, celebrate, and encourage people to better their future.

Jen is also a writer and guest speaker for numerous publications, television networks, and women’s empowerment groups. Her personal story of transformation has inspired men and women across the globe to embrace the power of friendship, believe in their limitless potential, and experience the joy that comes from living life on purpose, with purpose.

Watch the full episode:

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Jen Zawadzki

[03:01] Jen’s story, where she aspires to go, and “future Jen” 

[10:18] The great revelation, When Jen discovered her future self 

[13:27] Anonymous gifts, the great gift of generosity

[14:13] The power of words and experiences from our future selves 

[16:12] How the process looked like when Jen started creating “Future Jen”

[21:18] Jen’s life transformation and why she credits it to joy 

[23:43] Jen’s transition from starting ‘The Future You Project’ on the side to it being her full-time purpose and passion

[29:28] What to look for and what to expect in the ‘Future You Project’ gift boxes 

[32:52] The gifts that ‘Future You Project’’ customizes and plans to have for different audiences 

[34:56] Who is future-future Jen, and what she is looking to accomplish 

[38:02] The rapid fire round 

[41:16] Jen’s advice to someone who is struggling

[41:54] How to reach out and connect with Jen 

[42:41] Final Thoughts

Key Takeaways

~ The greatest gift that you could give yourself is the gift of generosity…   ~ [12:43]

~ Words are things, words are powerful, and words manifest realities, just as thoughts do. ~ [14:19]

~ True success is how happy and joyous you are… If you’re going to be your future self, your future self is thriving, and to thrive means to be joyous no matter what. ~ [16:31]

~ Everything happens for a reason and everything happens exactly as it’s supposed to… whatever lessons you had to learn along the way you, were supposed to learn them. ~ [20:21]

~ When giving a gift always consider the reason why you are sending it and what the need is because some experiences require repetition. If someone is going through a major transition in their life or something incredibly difficult it takes more than one message to get that to resonate. ~ [30:40]

~ Everything is going to be ok, take one day at a time, one breath at a time, one smile at a time, you are so loved, you’re so miraculous, you will get out of this stronger, better, brighter and more magnificent than ever.. you’ve got this! ~ [41:36]

Jen’s Transformation

People Mentioned and Other Resources

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  2. Sara Blakely
  3. Maya Angelou 
  4. So You Think You Can Dance 

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