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Episode 18 of Learn Speak Teach with Jen Traverse.

Join today’s conversation with Jen Traverse. Jen is a best-selling author, Mindset Coach, and Speaker. 

In her own words: “Beyond any label or photograph, I see myself as an authentic, raw, and inspiring woman. I live my life one step at a time. Recalibrating each day with my face always turned towards the warmth of the sun, trusting that my truth is rooted in joy.”

Jen has an inspiring story to share. There are a lot of bright moments in her life and significant successes, but she also faced dark passages and struggles. 

Jen couldn’t live up to her true potential for a while because she was lost in the day-to-day hustle. Once Jen stopped letting fear hold her back, she focused on self-care and achieved a complete transformation.

In today’s episode, Jen shares her deeply personal experiences and how she changed how she looks at life.

Tune in!

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Pre-show

[01:32] Meet our today’s guest, Jen Traverse

[03:31] From suicidal thoughts and alcohol addiction to a bestseller. Find out how!

[06:19] Living up to the standards of the society

[09:27] Jen’s turning point

[12:34] The secrets to surviving a stressful working environment

[15:12] What’s recalibration, and how we can apply it in our lives.

[18:39] Balancing between stress and recalibration

[22:04] Jen’s clients

[23:13] How to manage your time without feeling guilty

[24:44] Do you want an ‘aha’ moment? Here’s Jen’s advice

[28:13] The social media suicide. Jen’s story

[32:11] Rapid Fire Round

[36:22] Episode wrap up

Notable Quotes   

~ “Have fun, be better, and don’t die in your sad state.”

~ “Focus on only one thing when your world is going haywire. That one thing will always give you the momentum to keep going.” 

~ “Whenever you find yourself in toxic and negative environments, take some quiet time to reconnect with your inner being.”

~ “A lot of people think that they know where they’re going. Sadly, they don’t. They keep on allocating time to activities that are not (aligned with) their purpose’s best interest.” 

~ “Social media should not be controlling you. If you see it as a marketing tool rather than an entertainment zone, you’ll have won the battle.”

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