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Learn Speak Teach Episode 34 with Jeff Wickersham.

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The world is full of potential, and every single one of us has a massive capacity for impact, success, and heroism.. We can all be heroes in our way, no matter how big or small we are right now. Being a hero is about making an impact in all the ways we can, no matter what it takes. It’s about doing a little bit, or a lot, of something that will improve the world. It starts with a conscious decision to put ourselves out there and create something for ourselves and others. Find out how to become the hero you were always meant to be with Jeff Wickersham.

Jeff Wickersham is an accountability and peak performance coach, speaker, host of “Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs”, Tony Robbins’ Award Winner, and leader of the Kings of Sparta Mastermind. 

In his coaching, Jeff specializes in helping clients intentionally step into the best version of themselves personally and professionally.  Jeff guides his clients to install habits and systems that set them up for success.  Clients recognize his consistency and authenticity most when working with him.  

Jeff will meet you exactly where you are at. He will support, guide, and cheer you on in your journey, working side by side with you. Jeff never puts his clients through what he hasn’t already tested on himself.  He’s a practitioner of what he teaches and helps countless individuals gain massive results.

Let’s tap into some of his wisdom.

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Pre-show

[02:33] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Jeff Wickersham

[04:14] Jeff’s years of trials, failures, and triumphs to become who he is today

[07:15] Trials and hardships that shaped his destiny

[09:19] Nurturing his accountability while growing up

[11:18] How Jeff’s seven months of zero alcohol has been

[14:09] What Jeff does consistently

[16:40] How being consistent with your routine is helpful will make you successful in business

[18:40] The day Jeff got rejected

[21:36] A bit about Jeff’s mastermind group; “ Kings of Sparta Mastermind.”

[23:56] What is the “Tony Robbins Award Winner.” 

[26:16] Why so many people still lack energy and enthusiasm in what they do

[28:33] Practical things to live with more energy

[31:50] A bit about Jeff’s Podcast and the value it brings

[36:14] Rapid Fire Round

[41:09] How to connect with Jeff

Notable Quotes   

~ “Today is a gift . Once it’s gone, you will never see it again. Enjoy the moments of the day to the fullest.”

~ “When you have the answer and know the direction you are going, you will always guard your decisions. You will have a point of reference for hope even during adversities.”

~ “When you give, serve, uplift, and inspire people through what you do as a being, success and fulfillment follow you.”

~ “Getting traction in life is easy, but leaving the old self for a new version can be messy. You’ll have to make sacrifices and prune most of your habits. The quickest way to accelerate your growth is to eliminate habits that do not serve you as quickly as possible.”

~ “Consistency and confidence are the foundations you can lean on when the going gets tough. If you can stick to your routines faithfully, you will effectively weather the storms.”

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