Jeff Bloomfield || How To Use Neuroscience to Craft Stories That Build TRUST

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Learn Speak Teach Episode 51 with Jeff Bloomfield of Braintrust.

As salespeople, when we show up, most of our conversations are canned from our training, knowledge, and experience because we don’t want to come across as unqualified or vulnerable. We get too caught up with what we’re most knowledgeable about and don’t take the time to find out what our prospects are interested in. 

When we talk about our product’s facts, features, figures, or benefits, it activates the analytical network of the prospect, which triggers evaluation, comparison, skepticism, and judgment, and puts them in a defensive position. 

To master conversation with potential customers, we have to activate the emotional network to build personal trust, authenticity, vulnerability, and all the things that connect us as humans. 

Join this conversation with Jeff Bloomfield and learn how to master conversation in sales, craft a prospect story that motivates them to do business with you, and change your sales game forever.

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Jeff is an author, keynote speaker, growth expert, brain enthusiast, host of The Driving Change Podcast, and founder of BrainTrust, a successful organization that trains and develops sales and leadership professionals. LinkedIn calls Jeff the number one sales trainer in the world, and he is changing the world by helping people communicate with more purpose, power, and impact. 

In his latest book, NeuroSelling, Jeff uses a unique blend of the science of decision-making and science of storytelling to show you how to master conversations with your potential clients.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Jeff Bloomfield
[04:11] Jeff’s Journey, AHA moments, and lessons he learned from his Pawpaw
[10:55] Science is a gamechanger
[14:33] How to talk to prospects
[20:13] Practical example
[28:31] Tips you can start implementing immediately
[32:28] Jeff’s assignment for you
[33:48] Problem identification
[38:53] What if I get it wrong?
[41:58] How to connect with Jeff
[42:50] What would Pawpaw do?
[48:10] Rapid Fire Round
[51:23] Episode Conclusion

Notable Quotes  

~ “Hard work and perseverance are what will get you ahead in life; problem solvers rule the world. Golden Rule: treat people the way you want to be treated. Platinum Rule: If you treat people better than they expected you to treat them, it will not only benefit them, but it will also benefit you along the way.” ~ [05:08]

~ “When we show up in conversations because our brains are wired for self-preservation, we communicate from our highest training, knowledge and experience because we don’t want to come across as not credible. So, we tap into the things we think we’re the smartest and most knowledgable about, which tend to be the things that are us-driven and our agenda. In sales, these tend to be the things we’ve been training the most on, which are our product facts, features, figures and benefits. They activate the analytical network of the person receiving the information, which triggers the evaluation, comparison, analysis, skepticism, judgement and reverence, which puts us in a defensive posture. You’ve to bypass the analytical network to activate the emotional network to build things like personal trust, authenticity, honesty, vulnerability and all the things that connect us as humans. Once that is established in the brain, it opens up the analytical network to think about what we’re saying in a different lens, look for reasons to support what we’re saying and do business with us.” ~ [16:59]

“It is about what they care about, not what you care about.” ~ [32:31]

“You don’t have to be right; you just have to be prepared… Give your prospect a story and ask them to react, give them a problem and ask them to react.” ~ [37:50]

Resources Mentioned

  1. NeuroSelling 
  2. Rachel Jenks

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