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Learn Speak Teach Episode #58 with Jason Marc Campbell

As the business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, it’s crucial for business professionals to have a unique selling proposition to succeed. To stand out, it’s important to accurately identify the needs of your customers and offer a solution that meets those needs. “Selling With Love” means that the focus is on serving the customer and delivering value, rather than solely making a sale.

To “Sell With Love,” business professionals can shift their focus from themselves to the customer and their needs. This can be achieved by asking questions to better understand the customer’s perspective and minimize the risk of dissatisfaction. The process of selling with love involves truly understanding the client and creating a solution that surpasses their expectations.

In today’s episode, Ben Albert is joined by Jason Marc Campbell.  Jason is an Educational Consultant and the author of Selling with Love: Earn with Integrity and Expand Your Impact. He discusses the 5 ‘loves’ in selling you should have to build a successful selling process. Moreover, he explains how to shift focus from yourself to your customers and their needs. 

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What The Full Episode:

Listen up for the following:

[00:41] Introduction to the episode

[02:57] Introducing today’s guest; Jason Marc Campbell

[06:48] The meaning of ‘selling with love’  

[11:33] What the selling process looks like 

[15:09] The 5 ‘loves’ in selling you should have to build a successful selling process 

[21:13] The question-asking approach and some of the powerful sales questions

  you can ask a potential client 

[23:44] Shifting focus from yourself to your customers and their needs

[26:30] What Jason has been doing after leaving Mindvalley 

[27:05] How to connect with Jason Marc Campbell and learn more about his bookSelling with Love” 

[28:47] How to make sure that what you are selling is great 

[32:36] Jason’s career progression journey and how his brand has evolved

[40:10] Why Jason loves doing the Selling with Love Podcast

[54:00] How is Jason so calm?

[55:30] Jason’s approach

[57:09] Rapid Fire Round  

[1:01:41] Jason’s final words 

Key Takeaways  

  • “When you know what you offer is so much more than what you ask in return, that’s what selling with love is all about.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [06:50]
  • “Through every single transaction you make, there will be an inherent risk. There is a possibility that whoever you sell to will have a horrible experience with your product; it will be a complete mismatch to their needs.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [11:08]
  • The entire sales process involves understanding the client and minimizing the risk that they will be dissatisfied with the transaction. [11:33]
  • “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” ~ The Platinum Rule [22:38]
  • “Things get figured out the more you do them.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [34:48]
  • Having financial success is a result of the value you provide to the world. [35:28]
  • “We don’t have to be everything for everyone.” ~ Ben Albert [39:07]
  • “One of our biggest expenses is the wrong information, doing things the wrong way too many times, and one of our best investments is in ourselves, in our knowledge.” ~ Ben Albert [42:27]
  • “The power that allows you to make a lot of money is actually gonna be from the right kind of thinking, not the fast kind of thinking.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [ [56:07]
  • “If your target market can’t afford your product and services, you have to find the people who can so that your marketing material gets to inspire the thousands of people who can’t afford you yet.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [59:11]
  • “Nobody with beautiful skills in sales is worried about the economy because they know at the end of the day, the sale is what’s gonna need to happen, and if you are good at it, you have security in your life.” ~ Jason Marc Campbell [1:02:07]  

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