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Learn Speak Teach Episode 23 with Hernan Sias.

When you put your name on a product or service, you want people to see it and like it. You want them to trust that your brand is credible and trustworthy. Creating a visible, reliable, and profitable brand that people want to do business with requires time and effort. However, with technology, all the information you need to thrive is at your fingertips. There is no excuse for not creating what you want in life. You just need valuable content to break through the noise, and if people trust your product or service, it will become more profitable. Don’t allow anything to hold you back from building your legacy. Just do it.

Hernan Sias, a.k.a. The Business Bro, is the host of the Business Bros Podcast, a podcast that highlights entrepreneurs and their success stories in their business. Hernan has several certifications and professional designations like teaching credentials in mathematics, real estate sales, life, and health, certified tax professional (CTEC), and a degree in accounting. He has been in multiple ventures in the last 17 years, including his current investments in real estate, which is thriving due to the success of his podcast in the advertising and marketing space. Hernan’s mission is to help businesses grow and make more sales by getting in front of their clients.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Pre-show

[02:04] Introducing today’s guest, Hernan 

[05:54] Hernan’s success story in marketing and why he got into podcasting

[14:29] Learning by doing and how Hernan has been doing it 

[19:56] Hernan’s drive and how to keep the energy high and flowing in his space

[25:26] The importance of a strong online presence and how to go from invisible to profitable 

[33:51] Lessons on how to be good in podcast prospecting and build relationships 

[40:28] Being micro famous and how Hernan has done it advertising and marketing space  

[43:48] Hernan’s secrets on how he constantly gets guests for his show that airs five days a week

[49:48] Rapid Fire Round

[51:27] How you can reach out, ask your questions or connect with Hernan

[50:01] What Hernan would put on a billboard that was visible to everyone and why 

[53:30] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes  

~ “Today, there is no excuse; you can’t use the words “I don’t know how” because we’re living in an age where if you don’t know something, there is a video or an article that can teach you.”


~ “If you don’t bring energy every day and don’t show up at 110%, you cannot create a long-lasting impression.” 


~ “Today, distribution is not a problem; we have zero barriers to distributing our content; the problem is creating content and constantly doing it.”


~ “Post what you want people to know about your brand; this is the image that you want to develop; it’s who you are online and your choice of who you want to be.”


~ “If you’re in business and not posting content, you’re invisible. By posting your content, you become visible. Being consistent makes you credible, and when people trust you, you become profitable.”


~ “One thing that holds people back is questioning everything about themselves. If you just did it, you will take so many leaps, get more experience, and be better off. Twenty years from now, it’s not the things you do that you’re going to regret, but the things you didn’t do, so just do it.”

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