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Learn Speak Teach Episode #59 with Hala Taha.

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LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your professional network, grow your career, and promote yourself and your business. However, many people struggle to get more engagement on LinkedIn and grow their network. This may be due to a lack of understanding of how the platform works and not knowing how to properly use the features available to engage with potential connections effectively.

Fortunately, some tips and hacks can help you grow your LinkedIn network. Find out how you can get more engagement on LinkedIn and grow your network in today’s episode with Hala Taha, CEO of YAP Media.

By understanding the platform’s features and leveraging them strategically, you can get more connections and grow your LinkedIn network.

One effective way to get more connections on LinkedIn is to stand out in the feed. With so much content being posted, it can be difficult to get noticed. That’s why it’s important to craft captions with a hook that will draw people in and make them want to read further. You should also keep your post short and to the point, remove any fluff, and focus on delivering value with each post.

Additionally, to grow your LinkedIn network, you should avoid lecturing in your posts and focus on making what you say fun, concise, and vague to allow people to contribute. 

In this episode, Hala discusses tips for expanding your LinkedIn network, things you’re doing wrong on LinkedIn, mistakes to avoid, and much more.

During this episode, you will hear:

[01:47] Introduction to the show

[02:00] Meet and greet; Hala Taha.The podcast princess and LinkedIn queen  

[02:08] Previous episode with Hala;

[03:12] Connect with Hala on LinkedIn;

[03:45] How she got started on LinkedIn

[05:41] Why she chose to promote her podcast on LinkedIn  

[08:00] How Hala grew her LinkedIn network

[12:37] Tips to expand your LinkedIn network

[17:52] How to scale up your LinkedIn likes and comments

[23:01] Things you’re doing wrong on LinkedIn

[23:41] Guidelines on using LinkedIn hashtags

[26:15] Enroll in Hala’s LinkedIn Masterclass and get a 40% discount. Discount code: Podcast

[28:22] Mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

[30:42] LinkedIn hacks you need to know

[33:56] Using LinkedIn for sales  

[35:41] How to start your LinkedIn journey 

[38:31] The advantages of building your brand on LinkedIn

[41:58] Connect with Hala Taha;

[42:04] The Young and Profiting Podcast; 

[43:50] Engagement pods

Key Takeaways: 

  • Videos on LinkedIn do not perform well. The only specific types of videos that perform well are the motivational Shareable Videos which have a positive skew that stands out in the feed [18:08]
  • LinkedIn considers your post low quality if you use big chunky paragraphs because chunky paragraphs don’t keep users engaged or entertained [19:57]
  • When you are talking on social media, stay away from lecturing. You sound like you are lecturing when you give all the information, and you don’t let people think for themselves [21:15]
  • When tagging on LinkedIn, don’t tag anyone in your post if they won’t respond within the first 90 minutes. [25:24]
  • You cannot add a link to a third-party website in the comments on LinkedIn. One of the main goals of any social media platform is to keep users engaged and entertained on the platform. If you link to a third-party website, you are taking them off the platform, which is against LinkedIn’s goals. [32:25]
  • “The longer you wait to make any sort of ask, the bigger the ask you can make.” ~ Hala Taha [34:45]
  • “If you have a personal brand on LinkedIn, you create so much job assurance for yourself.” ~Hala Taha [38:32]

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  1. Hala’s LinkedIn Masterclass: 

Grab the 40% off discount; 

Discount code: Podcast

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Last chance to Enroll in Hala’s LinkedIn Masterclass; Grab the 40% off discount; 

Discount code: Podcast

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