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Learn Speak Teach Episode #94 w/ Eric Siu.

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In this episode, we are excited to welcome Eric Siu, a marketing genius and agency owner at Single Grain. Eric is also the co-host of the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel. With a wealth of experience in digital marketing, Eric shares valuable insights into scaling marketing strategies.

We dive deep into marketing, entrepreneurship, and the game-changing role of artificial intelligence (AI). Sharing anecdotes and insights, the conversation starts with a unique marketing strategy involving free giveaways and the impact of creating memorable experiences for one’s audience. 

Eric Siu, a seasoned digital marketing expert, sheds light on practical business advice, advocating for ambitious goals, innovation, and constant improvement. We discuss cutting-edge strategies like programmatic SEO and the transformative potential of AI in marketing. We reflect on the traits that define world-class marketers, including a commitment to learning, open-mindedness, and connecting with high-level individuals, offering valuable insights for marketers and entrepreneurs alike.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:35] The power of memorable marketing experiences

[04:00] Leveraging free merchandise for brand visibility

[06:19] An introduction to Eric Siu and his journey

[08:12] Thinking bigger to achieve marketing success

[09:40] Key considerations when expanding into new marketing channels

[10:58] Focusing on product-market fit before scaling

[13:36] Strategies for reaching a million views on LinkedIn

[15:00] Leveraging LinkedIn events and retargeting options

[15:58] The danger of premature scaling

[17:54] Slow down before scaling to avoid scaling a “turd”

[19:49] Ensuring product quality through continuous customer feedback

[23:08] Eric’s perspective on “internet marketers” and the importance of putting the horse before the cart.

[25:22] Characteristics of a “crappy marketer” and the importance of being improvement-focused.

[27:44] World-class marketers’ traits and the importance of being improvement-obsessed.

[36:11] The potential advantages of leveraging AI tools for various business sectors.


Key Takeaways:

  • “Turn on the ads for what? Like you haven’t even tested it with hand-to-hand combat. You should nail it before you scale it.” ~Eric Siu [16:52]
  • “The talking to customers never stops. You have to build that into a muscle.” ~Eric Siu [20:20]
  • “If you want to fail as a marketer, work alone.” Eric Siu [26:26]
  • “Do you want to model after the guy selling Lambos right now? Or do you want to model after Warren Buffett? Okay. If it’s Warren Buffett, then why don’t you look at everything he’s written?” Eric Siu [33:06]

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  3. Single Grain:
  4. Marketing School Podcast:

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