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Learn Speak Teach Episode #90 with Catherine Tede.

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Building a LinkedIn profile can be challenging for many. Navigating the journey from creating your profile to audience engagement requires a strategic approach. In this insightful episode, Catherine Tede takes us on a journey through her LinkedIn success story, sharing valuable lessons and tips for content creators.

She discusses her first post on LinkedIn and the surprising story behind her first viral post. Discover the secrets behind Catherine’s success as she shares her batch content creation schedule and gives insights into her content creation process.

Find out what makes her posts stand out and why they perform exceptionally well on LinkedIn. Additionally, Catherine sheds light on the time she dedicates to engaging with her audience and followers, providing valuable advice for building a strong online presence.

She also guides us through the types of content that perform exceptionally well on LinkedIn and offers insights into the feedback she receives from her ever-growing audience.

Catherine Tede is a Business Development leader at GridMarket, LLC, and the Top Personal Development Voice on LinkedIn.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[03:11] Catherine Tede’s bio and her LinkedIn profile


[03:52] When did Catherine begin her journey on LinkedIn?

[04:53] How she got started on LinkedIn

[07:07] LST Episode #59 w/ Hala Taha || The Lioness of LinkedIn:

LST Episode #15 w/ Hala Taha || Young And Profiting Podcast:

[08:24] The biggest lessons she learned from Hala Taha

[10:08] How she took her first LinkedIn pictures 

[14:15] Catherine’s first post on LinkedIn

[16:20] What was her first viral post?

[20:24] What was she doing before undertaking her LinkedIn course?

[23:55] The Google Scholar Effect:

[27:21] Catherine’s batch content creation schedule

[31:20] What her content creation process looks like

[34:49] Why her posts do better than other people’s posts

[36:29] How much time does she spend engaging with her audience and followers?

[41:07] The types of content that perform best on LinkedIn

[44:50] The feedback she receives from her audience and followers

[49:42] Catherine’s advice to people experiencing self-doubt

[52:08] LinkedIn thought leaders you should follow Links Missing.

Hala Taha:

[53:08] Best way to connect with Catherine Tede



Key Takeaways:

  • Not all your LinkedIn posts will perform well, so avoid blaming yourself, the algorithm, or your followers. [14:43]
  • “Meeting people where they are is crucial in communication.” ~Catherine Tede [22:01]
  • “Just because something goes viral doesn’t mean it’s right.” ~Catherine Tede [25:09]
  • “Don’t hold yourself back or be your biggest roadblock. You have something precious to give to the world, and someone out there is waiting for it. Don’t wait to give it to them. Don’t let the fear of rejection from those who don’t want it prevent you from sharing what the world needs from you.” [48:41]

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  1. Hala Taha

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