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Learn Speak Teach Episode 55 with Carla Fowler.

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We often dismiss mental clarity as a luxury we can’t afford, but when we are clear-headed, we can solve problems, make decisions and confidently lead our teams. Mental clarity is essential for the success of your business, but maintaining it can be difficult when you feel overwhelmed by your workload and responsibilities. Luckily, there are ways you can increase your mental clarity and level up to move to the next step, no matter where you’re.

In today’s episode, Carla Fowler shares her journey, what inspired her into executive coaching and high performance, and how you can build your mental clarity, get started, keep going, and be consciously confident in your goals.

Carla is an MD, Ph.D., and the Managing Director at THAXA Executive Coaching, Inc., an incredible boutique executive coaching firm that leverages the best ideas from performance science to help leaders around the globe.

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During this episode, you will learn about the following;

[00:00] Episode intro 

[02:26] Running experiments to move quickly with more sophistication 

[08:43] Carla’s background and the inception of THAXA

[13:38] Carla’s transition from medicine to executive coaching

[19:56] How to start and integrate coaching as an ongoing process 

[23:57] Practices to provide clarity and level up to move to the next step

[27:54] Figuring out your WHAT to develop your WHY and HOW  

[32:56] Getting the mental clarity required to hear and implement answers

[35:09] What to do to be consciously confident in what you want to achieve 

[43:33] How to connect and learn more about Carla

[44:26] Rapid Fire Round

[47:08] Carla’s final thoughts, “Bold, not stupid.”

Key Takeaways  

~ The beginning and endings matter a lot. As human beings, we remember the beginnings and the endings more than we remember what happened in between. [14:13] 

~ In coaching, particularly for people who’re leading or growing a business or on a deadline for results that are required, they don’t want to wait six months of coaching to feel like they are making progress. Usually, by the time someone wants to go get a coach, they are ready to have the results yesterday. [16:52] 

~ When we have mental clarity, it actually solves a lot of problems that might not on the surface seem connected. [22:24] 

~ “We have influence, but we can’t start to influence things until we actually know what we want and how we want to influence it.” [26:17] 

~ Very few things are gained in a day, particularly if you’re building a skillset or something that really matters. I often think about compounding. The idea of investing effort over time. It’s not going to be won in a day, but I know if I start today, when I look back a year from now, I’ll be in an entirely different place because of the efforts I started today. [36:22] 

~ Getting started is critical, and starting at a level that doesn’t immediately turn you off. Once you get started you have to figure out how to keep going. [39:04]

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  2. Thinking In Bets by Annie Duke
  3. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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