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Rochester Business Connections episode 141 with Bruce Peters.

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Tune in to this engaging episode to uncover the compelling narrative of Bruce Peters, the forward-thinking CEO of  Beyond Teal . This organization stands firm on its mission: guiding business leaders, their teams, and entire organizations towards their utmost potential.

Learn about the heart and soul that Bruce poured into Beyond Teal, rooted in his drive to empower every individual and entity to truly excel. He also provides insights into his innovative paperless mortgage closing system and shares the rationale for his pivotal business sale decision.

Having formerly chaired the Tech group, Bruce shares invaluable wisdom from his time there. He also reflects on the standout moments in his distinguished career. Dive in with us…

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:17] Welcoming our guest, Bruce Peters

[02:16] What prompted Bruce to start Beyond Teal?

[06:04] His paperless process mortgage closing system

[08:06] Why Bruce decided to sell his businesses

[12:40] How he ended up selling his businesses 

[16:36] What made him successful as a chair of the Tech group?

[19:13] The highlight of his career

[25:15] Insights in the book; Reinventing Organizations

[35:33] The origin of the name “Beyond Teal”

[39:09] The Building Leaders Initiative in Urban Communities

[46:22] Key concepts in the book The Pursuit of Loneliness

[53:37] Connect with Bruce;


Key Takeaways:

  • “You can’t sell what nobody wants.” ~Bruce Peters [13:40] 
  • “If you cover the downside, the topside will take care of itself.” ~Bruce Peters [14:29]
  • “Being great is the enemy of getting better.” ~Bruce Peters [37:46]
  • “The unbridled pursuit of freedom and independence at the expense of our inner dependencies will be the undoing of democracy in America.” ~Philip Slater [46:35]

People Mentioned and Other Resources : 

  1. Michael Milken:
  2. Stephen Covey:
  3. Lee Thayer:
  4. Reinventing Organizations:
  5. Theory U:
  6. Community:
  7. The Pursuit of Loneliness:

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