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Learn Speak Teach Episode #73 with Brian Bogert

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In this gripping episode, Brian Bogert dives deep into the potent concept of “Flipping The Lid.” This metaphor represents the emotional trash—those unresolved moments from our past that shape our present reactions and beliefs. Brian clarifies that while carrying this emotional baggage is not our fault, it is our responsibility to address it once we acknowledge its existence.

Drawing from a reservoir of wisdom, Brian presents a series of pillars to assist listeners in managing their past trash. He underscores that awareness is the first step towards intentional growth and recommends a daily regimen of the “flip the lid and scan your can” exercise to foster intentional awareness and healing.

Brian highlights that the world assesses us by our actions, not our intentions, making it imperative to consciously choose our growth trajectory, even if it means facing uncomfortable pain. He astutely affirms, “we all must choose our pain, or our suffering will choose us.”

Moreover, Brian sheds light on how the trash from our past can impact our entrepreneurial and corporate endeavors, rendering this episode indispensable for personal and professional growth.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:06] LST #6 w/ Brian Bogert;

[02:35] Who is Brian Bogert?

[04:02] The meaning of “Flipping The Lid.”

[05:10] How the trash from our past life impact us

[09:48] Does everyone have trash from their past life?

[11:09] The pillars that will help you deal with the trash from your past life

[21:17] The significance of the number 8 in Brian’s life and business

[23:01] When should you start ‘Flipping the Lid’?

[25:36] Why you should do the ‘flip the lid and scan your can’ exercise daily

[32:16] How the trash in our lives impacts our corporate or entrepreneurship life

[36:34] “We all must choose our pain, or our suffering will choose us.” ~Brian Bogert 

[39:49] Flipping The Lid Podcast;

[44:18] Flipping The Lid Eps #1 Flipping the Lid on Our Story with Ashley Bogert

[47:46] Brian’s community 

[51:22] Rapid Fire Round

[58:57] Connect with Brian Bogert


Key Takeaways:

  • “The trash in your past life is those unpacked, unprocessed moments that have created intellectual or emotional beliefs about yourself, which cause you to react in moments that have nothing to do with what’s right in front of you.” ~Brian Bogert [05:03]
  • The trash from your past is not your fault; it just becomes your responsibility once you become aware of it. [08:36]
  • “Until we are aware of it, we can’t be intentional with it.” ~Brian Bogert [11:16]
  • “You don’t feel, you won’t heal.” ~Brian Bogert [14:54]
  • “Every single breath and every single moment is a new moment to refresh, refine, and grow.” ~Brian Bogert  [23:02]
  • The longer you wait to flip the lid, the harder it is. [23:58]
  • “We are as motivated by pain as we are by pleasure.” ~Brian Bogert [30:06] 
  • “We have to acknowledge the suffering we wish to avoid in our lives before we can even understand the pains we need to embrace to move forward.” ~Brian Bogert [30:17]
  • “The world will never judge you based on your intent; they will always judge you based on your actions.” ~Brian Bogert [35:18]
  • “When you are born, you look like your parents; when you pass, you look like your choices.” ~Ben Albert [35:38]
  • “We all must choose our pain, or our suffering will choose us.” ~Brian Bogert [36:34]
  • “Our most intimate relationship is the one we can go the deepest with.” ~Brian Bogert [46:41]

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