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Fifteen Minute Fridays episode #45 Andy Greider.

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In this inspiring episode, join Andy Greider, the radio show host, Managing Partner, and Chief Dot Connector at Healthcare Evolution Group, as he shares his unique perspective on life. Andy firmly believes in living in the present moment and embracing every opportunity for joy and fun.

Drawing inspiration from the Grateful Dead tour, he imparts valuable lessons learned, highlighting the profound impact of music on happiness.

Andy prefers video as his medium of choice when making meaningful connections and engaging with his audience. He shares his reasons behind this choice, highlighting how videos create a powerful and clear communication channel, making it less likely for messages to be misunderstood.

Additionally, Andy shares his business development tools and unravels the secret to infusing joy and fulfillment into every aspect of life. Embrace the journey, live in the moment, and opt for fun with Andy’s insightful guidance. As he wisely puts it, “It’s not the destination; it’s the trip along the way.”

Happy listening!

Quote Of The Day:

“I’ve opted for fun in this lifetime.” ~Jerry Garcia


[01:44] Know our guest; Andy Greider

[02:56] What he learned from the Grateful Dead tour

[04:53] Quote of the day: “I’ve opted for fun in this lifetime.” ~Jerry Garcia

[06:28] What does Andy love helping people to do?

[08:12] Why he prefers doing a video when making an intro

[10:17] Loom tool:

[11:37] The tools he uses for business development


[13:04] How to connect and support Andy Greider


The Unique This Week show:

Health Care Evolution Group:

[16:03] Integration assignment

Key Takeaways:

  • People who listen to music are generally happier [02:36]
  • “I’ve opted for fun in this lifetime.” ~Jerry Garcia [03:11]
  • “It’s not the destination; it’s the trip along the way.” ~Andy Greider [05:48]
  • It’s hard to misunderstand a video [09:37]

Integration Assignment:  

Find someone to do something good for, and pay it forward to those not expecting it.

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

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  3. Otter:

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