Unbreakable Intuition, Nutrition and Mindset with Adrian Knight

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Learn Speak Teach Episode #88 with Adrian Knight.

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Adrian is a seasoned expert in buying and selling businesses who guides others in business acquisition and growth. Additionally, he has successfully established a multi-million dollar children’s education group.

Beyond his professional achievements, Adrian inspires many, offering practical advice on diverse topics such as exercise, nutrition, habits, mindset, and more.

In this inspiring and enlightening conversation, Adrian shares the backstory of his childhood, revealing what prompted him to use some of his savings for a backpacking trip in Europe at the age of 18. We explore the valuable lessons he learned during this journey and how these experiences have become an integral part of his approach to life.

Discover the transformative power of overcoming the fear of trusting instincts and gain insights into Adrian’s unique perspective on right and wrong. Moreover, he shares how he navigated an identity crisis to find his true path.

As the episode unfolds, he shares his experience of signing up for the half-marathon and how he eventually ended up participating in the Ironman. He gives insights on how to start exercising, emphasizing the crucial role of mindset.

Lastly, he reveals how his habits and routines have evolved and discusses the transformative impact of the first three hours of his day.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:30] A quick bio of our guest, Adrian Knight 

[04:12] The backstory of Adrian’s childhood and his childhood aspirations

[09:27] What prompted him to use some of his childhood savings for a backpacking trip in Europe at the age of 18?

[13:06] What he learned from his backpacking trip in Europe and how he has integrated it into his way of living

[18:25] How he overcame the fear of trusting his instincts

[20:41] Adrian’s perspective on right and wrong

[21:37] Scenarios where he made the wrong move and his actions in those situations

[28:01] His experience with identity crisis and how he identified the path he wanted to take

[34:15] Adrian’s experience when he signed up for the half-marathon and how he eventually ended up participating in the Ironman

[37:26] His advice on how to start exercising and the role of mindset

[40:24] How his habits and routines have changed over time

[44:48] What does Adrian typically do during the first three hours of the day?

[49:23] Adrian’s reflections on 2023

[56:12] Get in touch with Adrian Knight

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adrianjknight/

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes, just let go and trust where life takes you. [15:42]
  • When things on the surface go wrong, there is a greater opportunity hidden within. The trick is to identify that opportunity and turn it to your advantage. [20:57]
  • “Pain in itself isn’t good or bad; it’s what you make from the pain and the experience.” ~Ben Albert [23:09]
  • “As you go to one horizon, the next one opens up.” ~Adrian Knight [34:50]
  • “Be it until you become it.” ~Ben Albert [39:41]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1.  Arnold Schwarzenegger

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