ROC #138 Reaching Your Brain’s Full Potential with Neurofeedback & Brain Mapping w/ Heather Newton of Loop Brain Health

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ROC #138 Reaching Your Brain’s Full Potential with Neurofeedback & Brain Mapping w/ Heather Newton of Loop Brain Health

Rochester Business Connections #138 with Heather Newton.

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Maintaining optimal brain health is essential for overall well-being and cognitive function. In this engaging podcast episode, I interview Heather Newton, founder of Loop Brain Health LLC. She takes us through the fascinating world of neurofeedback and brain mapping.

Discover how these innovative techniques can help optimize your brain’s performance and unlock its potential. Heather explains that neurofeedback is a safe and effective method that uses operant conditioning to train the brain, while brain mapping uncovers any dysregulation in brainwave patterns.

Moreover, Heather reveals what inspired her to focus on brain health. She discusses the causes of brainwave dysregulation and gives valuable insights and tips on how to maintain a healthy brain.

Prepare to be inspired by real-life stories of individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations after incorporating neurofeedback and brain mapping into their lives. Remember, as Heather wisely states, “A better brain equals a better life.” Taking care of your brain health is just as vital as caring for your physical well-being.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:34] Meet and greet; Heather Newton

[02:14] What is Loop Brain Health LLC?

[03:30] What is neurofeedback?

[05:56] How neurofeedback works- Operant Conditioning

[10:03] The definition of neuroplasticity

[12:44] Is neurofeedback safe?

[15:16] Who should do neurofeedback & brain mapping and why?

[19:20] Connect with Heather;


[21:05] What inspired Heather to focus on brain health?

[28:30] Causes of brainwave dysregulation

[30:56] Tips to keep your brain healthy

[35:18] Recommended resources:




[37:22] Examples of people who have experienced transformation after utilizing neurofeedback & brain mapping

[42:29] Rapid Fire Round

[47:06] Integration assignment

[47:32] How to keep in touch with Heather Newton



Key Takeaways:

• “A better brain equals a better life.” ~Heather Newton [04:46]

• “A better heart health equals a happier life.” ~Heather Newton [04:49]

• The brain is neuroplastic, so if you teach it to do something and it gets good at it, it retires the old, less effective way of doing things and it adopts the newer way of doing things [09:13]

• Brain mapping reveals brainwave dysregulation regardless of the cause [29:45]

• The brain is the most oxygen and energy-hungry organ in the body. If you can feed your brain more oxygen, you’ll feel better. [32:36]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

1. HeartMath:

2. BCIA:

3. AAPB:

Keep In Touch with Heather Newton:




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