Real Business Connections

LST #97: Chris Do of The Futur Answers Fan Questions and Teaches Personal Branding

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #97: Chris Do of The Futur Answers Fan Questions and Teaches Personal Branding

Learn Speak Teach Episode #97 with Chris Do.

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[03:17] Why Chris Do is passionate about what he does

[04:07] Chris Do’s Journey: From Immigrant to Emmy Award Winner

[05:25] Learn more about Chris



[07:07] What are the key requirements for individuals transitioning from corporate to starting their businesses?

[07:12] What is a marketable skill, and how do you identify yours?

[11:00] Selecting the social platforms that you should use to market yourself

[15:56] What content should you share on your platform, and what factors should you consider?

[18:15] How to identify and locate your clients

[26:15] An effective strategy for reaching out to your target audience

[28:44] How to sell to your clients

[34:55] How to create a customer experience that encourages them to give you referrals

[37:25] The listeners’ questions session

[37:34] LST #21 w/ Erin Diehl:

LST #64 w/ Erin Diehl:

LST #93 w/ Erin Diehl:

[38:04] Ampersand Studios:

[38:39] What to do when you encounter a design barrier

[42:14] Chris Do’s music playlist

[43:12] How to build your personal brand as a creative entrepreneur while juggling client and personal projects

[44:25] Chris Do’s advice to anyone who feels like throwing in the towel in the design profession

[47:15] How to appeal to Gen Z audience by creating engaging, beneficial short-form content

[48:00] Short-form content vs. Long-form content

[50:21] Connect with Chris


[50:42] Chris Do’s book, Pocket Full of Do:

Key Takeaways:

• A marketable skill is a skill in high demand, where there is a substantial number of individuals actively seeking your expertise and willing to pay for it. [07:12]

• “When you have a certain amount of expertise, and you look at the same problem over and over again, you notice patterns.” ~Blair Enns [09:32]

• “Low variance in process equals low variance in outcome.” ~Blair Enns [09:44]

• “The number one rule in social content is first you must think, and to demonstrate that you are thinking, you must write.” ~Chris Do [11:22]

• The choice of social platform greatly depends on your target audience. [14:32]

• Most people seeking a solution don’t know the real problem, so you can focus a lot of your content on what the problem is and talk about it in several different ways. [16:58]

• Sales involves asking smart questions and then simply listening. [29:19]

• By not selling people things, you’re more likely to sell more frequently with less resistance. [32:39]

• “Scarce things are rare, and rare things are valuable.” ~Chris Do [44:54]

• You will have dark days in your business and relationships, but know they are just part of the game. Learn to love the grind; it will eventually lead to a better place. [46:00]

• In short-form content, you may achieve large viewership numbers but typically little loyalty. Conversely, long-form content encourages audience commitment, fostering engagement and building connections with the content creator. [48:00]

• When producing short-form content, inject a significant part of your personality because that will help you build a connection with your audience. [49:17]

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