LST #74: Julia McCoy || From Cult Survivor To AI Content Queen

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #74: Julia McCoy || From Cult Survivor To AI Content Queen

Learn Speak Teach Episode #74 with Julia McCoy.

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Join the conversation with your host, Ben Albert, as he interviews Julia McCoy. Julia, the AI content queen, is the president of Content at Scale, an eight-time best-selling author, and the powerhouse behind Content Hacker.

In this episode, Julia delves into her remarkable journey from a childhood born into a cult to becoming a successful writer and entrepreneur. She reflects on her early life within the confines of the cult and how she began questioning her circumstances, ultimately finding the courage to break free.

As the conversation unfolds, Julia shares her motivation for writing the book ‘Woman Rising’ and how she built a business out of her writing career. Moreover, she stresses the importance of hiring skilled and enthusiastic employees and emphasizes the significance of treating employees well, as it leads to loyalty and a positive work environment.

Her insights into AI in content creation are eye-opening. She highlights that maintaining a human touch while utilizing AI remains paramount. Julia McCoy’s words, “The future is AI, but it’s gonna be run by humans,” remind us that while AI is transforming industries, human creativity and control remain at the helm.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation on how to harness the power of AI.

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:58] Julia McCoy’s bio

[04:28] Julia McCoy’s life as a young child born into a cult

[07:14] Why she began questioning life in the cult, and how she eventually left

[12:24] Her motivation for writing the book ‘Woman Rising

[16:18] What it looked like to make the decision to leave the cult

[21:00] What motivated Julia to get into writing, and how she monetized it

[24:10] How she built a business out of her writing career

[27:17] Julia’s experience with hiring the wrong people and how to avoid making the same mistakes

[30:02] How to retain skilled employees in your company and ensure their happiness

[35:07] Pro tip on overcoming procrastination

[36:59] Julia’s experience with AI

[39:38] The difference between Content at Scale and ChatGPT

[42:05] Content at Scale;

[42:46] The AI tools she uses in content writing

[44:12] Rapid Fire Round

[46:31] The partnership between her business, Content Hacker, and Content at Scale AI

[49:02] The Best way to keep in touch with Julia McCoy:

Key Takeaways:

• “Take that risk and get out of your situation; you never know what can happen.” ~Julia McCoy [05:33]

• “There is no other powerful place to come from than your own experience.” ~Julia McCoy [15:35]

• In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, our gut instinct is one of our most powerful tools. [16:46]

• When hiring, focus on skill and enthusiasm. [29:26]

• “You will have so much loyalty if you treat people right.” ~Julia McCoy [30:15]

• AI writing tools are not replacing writers but enhancing their productivity. [39:08]

• “Quickly built, quickly fallen.” ~Julia McCoy [45:21]

• If you are using AI, ensure that you still incorporate a human touch. [45:30]

• “The future is AI, but it’s gonna be run by humans.” ~Julia McCoy [45:48]

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1. Woman Rising:

2. Sarah Edmondson:

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5. Loop Genius:

6. Content Hacker:

Keep In Touch with Julia McCoy:




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