LST #71: Alex Sanfilippo || Podcasting Made Simple

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #71: Alex Sanfilippo || Podcasting Made Simple

Learn Speak Teach Episode #71 with Alex Sanfilippo

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[03:50] A quick bio of our guest; Alex Sanfilippo

[05:23] Where his love, passion and proficiency in podcasting began

[09:38] His first attempt at podcasting

[11:56] LST #56 w/ Steve D Sims;

[14:18] Tips for building a remarkable podcast brand

[18:07] What should be the first move when starting a podcast?

[20:07] How to ensure you are creating quality podcast content

[24:27] The benefits of niching down

[26:44] How do you reach the target audience for your niche podcast

[29:55] Learn more from Alex;

[32:05] PodMatch (A podcast booking service that automatically matches ideal podcast hosts and guests for interviews)

[37:06] The benefits of being a podcast guest

[41:57] How to prepare to be a podcast guest

[44:14] Tips on how to pitch a podcast that you want to be a guest on

[50:18] How to create an effective podcast Call to Action (CTA)

[52:21] How to connect with Alex and learn more about podcasting;

[53:57] Rapid Fire Round

[56:48] Playlist by Alex Sanfilippo; Punk Till We Die

[59:34] Integration assignment

Key Takeaways:

• “Perfection is the enemy of done.” ~Alex Sanfilippo [16:09]

• “People will forgive you for the lack of quality of your content but not for the lack of the content itself.” ~Alex Sanfilippo [19:14]

• To ensure you are creating quality podcast content, you have to figure out what you know you do to serve the world and how you can show up and do that [20:14]

• When you niche down your podcast, you give people a way and a reason to identify with you as a podcaster [26:34]

• Being a podcast guest helps you to learn your message well as a podcaster [41:05]

• Your Call to Action should be singular, memorable, and free [50:19]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

1. Steve D Sims

2. LST #56 w/ Steve D Sims || ‘Go For Stupid’ To Succeed in Business

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