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LST #56: Steve D Sims || ‘Go For Stupid’ To Succeed in Business

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #56: Steve D Sims || ‘Go For Stupid’ To Succeed in Business

Learn Speak Teach Episode #56 with Steve D Sims.

We all want more from our business, but it is easy to feel like we need more time and energy to get ahead. Many of us struggle with figuring out how to create more, work smarter rather than harder, and make things happen. However, shifting your mindset and having the right people around you is a game changer. Sometimes it’s not about being the smartest or most well prepared. To succeed in business you need to ‘go for stupid,’ set lofty goals, and stand out from the pack.

You need to ensure you have the right mentors in your circle. The people in your circle can block your progress or create a ripple of positive energy that can help you achieve your goals. If they are broke, you will be broke. If they are struggling, you will also struggle, but if they are successful, you will also be successful. Until you break the cycle and change your circle, you will be an ingredient of the people you hang out with.

In today’s episode, Steve D Sims shares his journey, what makes him successful, and the ingredients you need to start soaring as a leader and entrepreneur.
Steve is the “Real Life Wizard of Oz” and the Founder of Luxury Concierge Service, Blue Fish, which is internationally famous. Steve has also published a couple of best-selling books, including; Bluefishing, The Art Of Making Things Happen, and Go For Stupid. Nowadays, his main focus in business is his newest firm. Sims Media, which he co-founded with his son.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Steve D Sims
[03:18] Steve Sims’ concierge services
[06:18] Steve’s journey
[17:12] A man who impressed Steve, “Kenneth.”
[22:20] How to ensure that you have employees like Kenneth in your company
[24:36] The mindset required to exceed and impact for more success
[26:47] How to ask the better questions
[30:46] Diet book analogy and why Steve is successful
[38:48] Why Steve does free virtual coaching
[44:41] A free move on how to put today’s information into action
[49:22] Rapid Fire Round
[51:30] How to connect and learn more about Steve

Key Takeaways
~ When someone goes for something impossible, there is constriction and resistance that comes in their body, but all of a sudden, when you start using the word stupid, you start smiling. [13:50]
~ Dreams have no parameters, and kids have no parameters, but as adults, we got these parameters, and 99% of them are self-inflicted. [14:42]
~ I learned early on that if I didn’t get the answer I wanted, it was because I was asking the wrong questions. So, if you get a bad answer, it’s because you’ve asked a bad question. [26:56]
~ “The power, the benefit, and the success is not in the purchases; it’s in action.” [32:06]
~ Get going, then get good. [36:53]
~ Perfection surely demonstrates the end of growth. [37:43]

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