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LST #54: John Torrens || Harnessing ADHD Superpowers For Business Success

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #54: John Torrens || Harnessing ADHD Superpowers For Business Success

Learn Speak Teach Episode #54 with John Torrens.

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ADHD is not a disability; it’s a superpower you can leverage to succeed in your business. People with ADHD are usually overactive, hyper-creative, ambitious, and innovative. They take risks, see opportunities, and learn from mistakes because they constantly look for ways to improve. These are the very things that help you create a thriving business.
In today’s episode, John Torrens shares his experience as an entrepreneur with ADHD and tools to help you harness your ADHD to maximize your creativity, focus, and productivity, while managing the downsides to achieve more success in your business.
John Torrens is an entrepreneur, founder, and president of multiple companies in healthcare and education. He is also an educator at Syracuse University (SU), a TEDx speaker, and the author of “Lightning in a Bottle: How Entrepreneurs Can Harness Their ADHD to Win.”

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During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:00] Episode intro and a bit about John Torrens
[02:46] What inspired John’s drive and passion for education
[05:11] What John does in his business career
[06:16] How entrepreneurs with ADHD can manage their drive and be more successful
[11:00] John’s advice to entrepreneurs
[13:07] How to get better if you’re driven and don’t want to quit early on
[16:58] Delayed gratification
[18:37] Figuring how you’re wired and doing it your way
[21:10] Leaders with ADHD and how they can leverage their attributes
[23:54] Lesson’s from Coach Jim Johnson’s basketball story
[26:05] About John’s book and where you can find it
[27:59] What people ask John all the time after watching his TEDx talk
[30:02] Solving problems
[32:48] Journaling your ideas and implementing the core and recurring ideas
[35:09] Why John keeps his journal and what he writes in it
[37:05] John started journaling in the 90s. Find out why he got into it
[39:34] John’s biggest passion and vision right now
[44:14] Rapid Fire Round
[46:48] How to put today’s information into action to better yourself

Key Takeaways
~ Entrepreneurs with ADHD have unique skills and strengths that are well suited for the early stages of a startup, where we’re after a hustle, flow, getting employees, vendors, customers, and doing things. [09:34]

~ Leaders with ADHD are good at a lot of things, they are pretty good with empathy, generally good with people, and one of their best attributes is adaptability. [21:51]

~ You die after you stop doing things. You need a purpose to get out of bed. You need something meaningful to do. [43:54]

~ The most effective thing you can do, if you have ADHD is to incorporate some sort of mindfulness practices. Mindfulness practice is probably the single most important thing not only for your focus and productivity but also for your physical health. [46:33]

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