LST #51: Andre Young || Damar Hamlin, How To Be a Leader, and Work-Life Harmony

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #51: Andre Young || Damar Hamlin, How To Be a Leader, and Work-Life Harmony

Learn Speak Teach Episode #51 with Andre Young.

Leadership is a process that involves the ability to make decisions and take action. Enhancing leadership skills is essential to the efficient achievement of the common goal of the team. Having the ability to lead effectively in stressful situations is a crucial skill for leaders to have. Leaders often need to be able to make quick decisions in stressful situations, and sometimes those decisions may not be popular with everyone but are necessary for the team’s success.

Additionally, maintaining work-life harmony is an important skill for any leader because it enables them to be present in their role without neglecting the needs of the people they care about.

In this episode, Andre Young shares the importance of having work-life harmony as a leader and how to navigate stressful situations. Moreover, Andre gives tips to help leaders make great decisions in times of crisis.

Lastly, we discussed and gave our prayers to Damar Hamlin and how leadership was needed at a moment’s notice.

Andre Young is the author of 7 Ways to Lead and The Leader’s Toolbox. In addition, Andre is a speaker and the founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. Today, Andre helps organizations, employees, and teams to enhance their leadership & work-life harmony.

Let’s tap into some of his wisdom.

During this episode, you will learn the following;
[00:00] Damar Hamlin Incident
[07:59] Introduction to the show and a quick bio of our guest; Andre Young
[10:56] The journey that led Andre to who he is today
[17:57] The three situations provided by success
[18:55] How Andre felt moving from an athlete who got accolades to being cut
[21:30] Work-life harmony vs. Work-life balance
[24:52] Andre’s books; The Leader’s Toolbox and 7 Ways to Lead
[30:03] What Andre Young feels after Bills coach Sean McDermott and Bengals coach Zac Taylor decided to postpone the NFL game when Damar Hamlin got injured
[35:24] How to navigate stressful situations as a leader
[37:17] Tips to help you make great decisions in times of crisis
[43:17] How to support and connect with Andre Young
[46:09] Rapid Fire Round

Key Takeaways:
Most people want to clench and turn away from pain. However, as leaders, we have to look at it because it cannot hurt more than the first time you stare at your defeat, failure, or mishap. [12:54]

Never change what you are great at. Go ahead and do what you are great at, and let whoever notices you make modifications afterward. [15:02]

“When you don’t know what to do, simply live right.” ~ Andre Young [15:46]

Caring for your people means you are curious enough to know what they need and have the intuition to follow through with unpopular decisions. [31:28]

If you want to make great decisions in times of crisis, know your vision and vision factors. [38:18 ]

“Once you have a foundation of what you stand for, what you know is needed, and what you know works, it’s easier to make decisions.” ~ Andre Young [42:04]

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