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LST #46: Kute Blackson || How to Get Where You Want To Be…By Surrendering To Where You Are NOW

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #46: Kute Blackson || How to Get Where You Want To Be…By Surrendering To Where You Are NOW

Learn Speak Teach episode 46 w/ Kute Blackson on The Real Business Connections Network.

Watch The Full Episode:

[00:00] Episode intro

[03:40] Kute’s mission to the world

[05:31] Who’s Kute, his story, and his calling to serve the world  

[09:14] Kute’s pivotal moment at the age of 18, The moment of truth and surrender

[14:24] How Kute defines the soul, the essence of God that we’re all connected to 

[15:17] The inspiration behind Kute’s book, You Are The One

[20:29] Re-thinking Surrender and Kute’s process of writing his book, The Power Of Surrender  

[31:16] Aligning ourselves with the deepest, most authentic impulse of our being 

[34:30] The 1s Kute has gone through and how they’ve prepared him to be a vessel for 10s 

[43:47] Steps that you can take to learn and evolve from every experience in life

[51:08] How to reach out, connect, or get Kute’s book 

[52:27] Kute’s hero

[55:45] Ending the show and call to action 

Key Takeaways:
~ We allow fear to hijack us, we allow fear to stop us from being who we really are. The fear is “if I dare to be myself, if I dare to express my voice, if I dare to be who I am, you won’t love me, and I’m going to be alone and cursed.~ [08:51] 

Life is a series of choices, and some choices can shift the course of our destiny. ~ [09:32]

~ Sometimes what your soul guides you to do doesn’t always make sense to your mind through your logic, but if you follow your soul and don’t compromise your truth you will always be guided to the right people and places, doing the right thing even though the route you take may not be the one you were expecting. ~ [10:20]

~ You can’t be fulfilled and happy being someone you’re not, and you can’t be fulfilled and happy living someone else’s life. There is no shortage of people that will think they know what is best for your life and your evolution and will have so much advice for you, but the truth is, our souls know. ~ [12:11]

~ We’re all being guided by wisdom inside of us and innate intelligence which we don’t listen to. We’re so busy that we’re not in tune with it, we’re so busy that we distract ourselves, we’re so busy that we don’t hear our own souls and wisdom deep inside us. We look outside of ourselves for guidance and end up misguided. ~ [16:51]

~ People think in manifesting you have to go chase things, create things and make them happen, but in life, you don’t get what you want, you don’t even get what you pray or visualize about, you get what you are. ~ [19:11]

~ Surrender is letting go of control; surrender is letting go of trying to force and manipulate life to fit our limited idea of how we think it should be and who we think we should be. In letting go, we take limitations off life, and we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities. ~ [25:42]

~ Surrendering is the most powerful thing we can do as human beings. Surrender is the password to freedom, is the key to the next level, and is the key to true manifestation. ~ [27:06]

~ Stop praying for the waves of the ocean to get easier. Instead, develop your mental, emotional and psychological muscle to be able to surf through the waves, you don’t have any control of the ocean, but you’ve control over the training of your mental capacity. ~ [38:35]

~ Life is a school. Life is a university for our souls’ evolution. Every experience, every relationship, every challenge is part of the curriculum for our soul evolution, so every moment is an opportunity to evolve. In every situation, if we are able to learn the lesson, we evolve and graduate to the next level. ~ [41:28]

Pain is gift. Pain is a messenger, pain is your friend, you must learn to pay attention to the pain and embrace the message of the pain because often by acknowledging the pain, the pain is a portal to a deeper level of our truth trying to get our attention. ~ [49:42]