Real Business Connections

LST #37: Acez Academy || World-Class Sales Playbooks w/ Ace Charafeddine

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #37: Acez Academy || World-Class Sales Playbooks w/ Ace Charafeddine

Learn Speak Teach #37 w/ Ace Charafeddine

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During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:00] Pre-show
[02:41] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Ace Charafeddine
[03:43] Ace’s art of creating content and documenting his process
[06:38] How creating a playbook helped Ace build his academy and write a book
[08:41] Ace’s journey from working in a gas station to building Acez Academy
[23:10] What inspires Ace in training and evolving people in sales
[26:04] Commonalities between businesses doing the work but not getting the results
[32:32] The challenge most salespeople face and how Ace helps them breakthrough
[34:38] What makes Ace different from other sales trainers out there
[37:12] The first thing you should start doing to create your own playbook today
[39:14] How to figure out which playbook to follow, master, and rewrite to thrive
[42:26] How to support, reach out, or connect with Ace
[43:50] Having fun but also seeking growth
[44:41] Rapid Fire Round
[48:15] One sneak peek key to take away from Ace’s book
[51:52] Ending the show and call to action

Key Takeaways:
~ If you want to build a business, one of the most important tools is documenting; create a playbook of how your business is going to operate to get rid of black holes where people have to call you to ask how to do something or who to go to. ~ [05:17]

~ The mind has to be right first, then you can focus on sales and with sales comes leadership; leadership can apply to your family, friends, business… ~ [17:30]

~ You might be in those shoes right now, where you don’t have any recognition and the financial capability to grow, but if you keep adapting and changing, you will get it right, and this will open the door for another right time, and you will keep evolving through the tunnels of life until you eventually become the person you want to be. ~ [21:36]

~ If you want to be successful, show how you want to be successful; if you want to win, show how you want to win, how much you want, and how you are going to do it. ~ [33:10]

~ A lot of people go with the flow. But, creating something that you are comfortable doing right now and using the same script to play every single time is a lot more effective. ~ [37:20]

The first thing you can do to start creating your playbook is to write down what makes someone successful in your industry, job, or passion and how you can implement that into your business in your own style consistently. ~ [37:46]

A great sales or successful person takes a little bit from everybody; somebody who is ignorant or has stopped learning is closed off, and they don’t take anything of value from conversations. ~ [38:46]

It is okay to have fun and entertainment, but at the same time, look for the growth, seek the growth, find the growth and grasp the growth; growth is not going to find you. ~ [44:04]

Open up the door and be very curious in life because the more you open, the more you learn; one door opens the next door. ~ [49:56]

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