LST #13: Ashley Faus || Why You’re Probably Not A Thought Leader and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
LST #13: Ashley Faus || Why You're Probably Not A Thought Leader and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

Learn Speak Teach #13 w/ Ashley Faus, The Queen Of Thought Leadership!
Thought leadership is the skilled process of being able to generate novel ideas and concepts that can be effectively taught to others. The value of thought leadership is that it helps business people establish themselves as experts in their field. It also helps them build their credibility within the industry by generating new ideas, concepts, and solutions. Thought leadership also helps companies build relationships with potential customers or partners.

Join the conversation with Ashley Faus as she shares her marketing experience, observations, and philosophies on marketing, as well as the value of thought leadership.

Ashley is a Marketer, writer, speaker, singer, actor, and fitness fiend. She has handled all aspects of marketing strategy and execution, from social media to content marketing, editorials, demand-gen, and promotional events.

Ashely loves telling high-level stories that resonate with an audience and connecting the dots between many types of assets and distribution channels.

Ashley’s writing has been published on TIME, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and The Muse, and she has spoken on various marketing topics for INBOUND, Harvard Business Review, and MarketingProfs.
During this episode, you will learn about;
[02:26] What’s in it for you in today’s episode
[04:06] Meet Ashley Faus
[06:53] Founding ideology behind her business; Consciously Corporate
[12:06] What it means to be a “thought leader.”
[16:03] Overview of Ashley’s 4-pillar thought leadership framework
[21:07] How do you track and know your position in thought leadership
[31:19] A case study of a client Ashley worked with to build thought leadership
[37:48] The best blend of thought leadership and content creation
[42:40] Is thought leadership for everyone?
[48:10] Rapid Fire questions
[49:30] How Ashley learned about thought leadership
[52:07] How you can connect with Ashley and learn more about thought leadership
[52:54] Final nugget for you
[53:23] Episode wrap up

Notable Quotes
~ “The more you know, the more people know you.”
~ “Being good at your job does not make you a thought leader.”
~ “Marketing isn’t a button. It’s a recipe. Many things go in. Different amounts at different times.”
~ “Thought leadership is not just about having a good idea, it’s about sharing that idea with others in a way that will be accepted.”

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