Hit #42: Kara Goldin, CEO & Founder of Hint – The Justin Brady Show

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Real Business Connections
Hit #42: Kara Goldin, CEO & Founder of Hint - The Justin Brady Show

Hit #42: Kara Goldin, CEO & Founder of Hint on The Justin Brady Show


Kara Goldin, CEO and founder of Hint, a fruit-flavored water company, explains how she overcame the setbacks and doubters, and how she dealt with sacrifices in her new book, Undaunted. During our conversation, she explains why being called “sweetie” lit a fire that made her successful and she addresses raising money as a woman. Unlike most entrepreneurs, Goldin does a stunning job recounting specifically how she grew Hint both tactically and strategically. If there’s one message you get out of this interview, it’s this: Undaunted should be the first book any budding entrepreneur—or seasoned one—should read.

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