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Hit #37: Insight Out Live – Inside The Mind of Alex Hormozi

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Real Business Connections
Hit #37: Insight Out Live - Inside The Mind of Alex Hormozi

Real Hit #37 – Insight Out Live, “Inside The Mind Of Alex Hormozi.”

Show Notes:

Is there really a secret to success?

Entrepreneur Alex Hormozi learned a lot of lessons on his way to making $100 million in sales – and now he helps other business owners figure out how to do the same.

In this week’s episode, we explore the top takeaways from Alex’s success. Brenden talks about how his path first crossed Alex’s, shares his experience in a recent collaboration and explores why haters may be a good benchmark of progress.

“If you wanna help 10,000 people, you get used to the idea that four or five hundred people are gonna hate your guts for no reason other than you being you. Because remember, nobody is booing nobodies. So if you’re somebody, it means people are gonna start booing you.” – Brenden (03:39)

We also analyze some of the key insights Brenden learned from Alex’s rise to the top, and talk about the simple three-pronged approach to success that built Alex’s brand into an empire.

“That’s the key – when we start to bring emotion into our business, that’s when we start to lose. What Alex has found is the people who are successful, the people who make it to the end are often the people who are willing to do the boring work long enough.” – Brenden (26:36)

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Success

Practice what you preach. Many of us need to be reminded more than we need to be taught. In other words, we often already understand what we need to do – we just need to make sure we actually do it.
Narrow your focus. Most of the world’s most successful people prioritized one or two things until they built a following, a brand, an empire. Instead of splitting our efforts between multiple goals, we should focus 100% of our energy in one area.
Don’t wish for success – wish for the skill necessary to be successful. The idea of the burning wish comes from a popular card game where one character wished for a weapon, but not the power to wield it. Wishing for success doesn’t make us successful – get out there and start doing, and success will follow.
In This Episode

(02:59) Brenden’s experience collaborating with Alex
(05:43) Alex’s story, and what he and Brenden have in common
(08:48) Brenden’s most insightful takeaways from Alex
(09:44) Insight #1 – implement what you preach
(10:32) Insight #2 – only focus on one or two things
(14:00) Insight #3 – the burning wish
(27:31) How Alex synthesizes his ideas
(31:27) Alex’s approach to turning insights into actions
(38:40) How Brenden and Alex’s paths first crossed
(48:26) Alex’s simple framework for success
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