FMF #39: Mark Bowden || Human Behavior Expert From The Behavior Panel Reveals His SCAN Formula

Real Business Connections
Real Business Connections
FMF #39: Mark Bowden || Human Behavior Expert From The Behavior Panel Reveals His SCAN Formula

Fifteen Minute Friday episode #39 with Mark Bowden.

Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Mark Bowden, a recognized figure in the world of body language, behavior, and nonverbal communication. Being celebrated as one of the foremost experts on the subject, Mark has consistently been voted the #1 Body Language Professional globally for three consecutive years.

In this enlightening episode, Mark offers insights and latest updates from The Behavior Panel on YouTube, a channel revered for its analyses by the world’s top experts in body language and human behavior, especially in videos that capture public attention.

Diving into his acclaimed book “Truth and Lies: What People Are Really Thinking,” Mark introduces us to the SCAN formula—an acronym for Suspend judgment, Context, Ask for more information, and New judgment. Through this, he provides invaluable guidance on applying the SCAN formula in various scenarios, from personal interactions to business discussions.

Highlighting the intrinsic importance of context in decoding human behavior, Mark illustrates how it can significantly alter our understanding of body language. He further emphasizes the power of framing, elucidating that our interpretation is invariably influenced by our frame of reference.

Stay tuned to enrich and transform your perspective on human behavior.

Quote Of The Day:

“Take what you’ve got and fly with it.” ~Jim Henson


[01:50] Previous episode with Mark Bowden (Learn Speak Teach Ep.25):

[02:54] Quote of the day: “Take what you’ve got and fly with it.” ~Jim Henson

[03:20] Latest on The Behavior Panel YouTube channel

[05:55] The SCAN formula in his book: Truth and Lies: What People Are Really Thinking

[10:45] How to test your new judgment

[12:30] Applying the SCAN formula in a business context

[21:46] Connect and learn more from Mark:


YouTube (Mark Bowden):

YouTube (The Behavior Panel):

[22:54] Integration assignment

[25:24] Tip on how to suspend judgment

Key Takeaways:

• “Take what you’ve got and fly with it.” ~Jim Henson [02:54]

• “Every human being on the planet has biases, or else we would never be able to make a decision in our lives.” ~Mark Bowden [04:12]

• When it comes to body language, context can change everything. [07:18]

• The way you frame a situation ultimately dictates how you decode it. You decode it for your framing, not against your framing [14:14]

• “Our brain is a prediction machine, not a knowledge machine.” ~Mark Bowden [14:56]

Integration Assignment:

Focus on step one of the SCAN formula- Suspend judgment

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