FMF #12: 3 Ways To Let Others Help You w/ John Livesay

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FMF #12: 3 Ways To Let Others Help You w/ John Livesay


“3 Ways To Let Others Help You” w/ John Livesay

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Blog Transcript:
We all know that babies need help in order to survive.

Babies have no problem asking for help (loudly) by crying.

Yet as we get older, we tend to start becoming more independent. We say things like “I can do it myself.”

This is the natural process of growing up.

However, the concept of doing everything ourselves can really be detrimental.

Here are three easy ways you can let others help you.

1) The key to the fear of the unknown is: don’t go it alone!
A healthy ego is one that realizes it can’t do everything alone and needs other experts to help.

If you think you can do everything by yourself, you will not go far.

As the African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”

2) Asking for and getting help is not a form of weakness.
When I decided to launch my podcast six years ago, the concept of editing the podcast and getting it out on all the platforms and creating transcripts was overwhelming.

Luckily for me I found a great company called Podetize. They produce my podcast so I can do what I love best: interviewing!

Another friend of mine was also thinking of starting a podcast at the same time and thought I was crazy to pay someone to help me do something that I could “figure out on my own.”

Now I have over 300 episodes out in the world, and she has yet to launch her podcast.

Sometimes, trying to do everything yourself causes you to never get anything done.

More recently, I had eyelid surgery to help my vision.

The doctor told me that not only would I need someone to take me home after the surgery, but I should have somebody stay with me because I should not be bending over or lifting anything.

Luckily, my sister Barbara came in from Chicago to stay with me in Austin for the week.

In a way, when you’re sick or recovering, you go back to being completely helpless.

I certainly couldn’t bend over to put the harness on my dog and take him for a walk, for example.

She was also fantastic at helping me keep ice on my eyes for three consecutive days.

3) The next time you think you can do it all alone, remember that we all need each other.
Letting other people help you in your career and in your personal life is a form of self love.

Love yourself enough to let others give you what you need, or pay them to help you in your career.

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