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Learn Speak Teach Episode #101 with Aaron Martinez.

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Many people encounter challenges in making sales, such as understanding customer needs, effectively addressing objections, and successfully closing deals.

In this eye-opening conversation, Ben Albert speaks with Aaron Martinez, a partner at is a sales training and recruitment company for coaches, consultants, course creators, marketing agencies, and other online service-based businesses.

Aaron begins by debunking the biggest misconception about social media and delves into the challenges facing the coaching/education industry. He then shares the backstory of, providing insights into his pivotal role within the organization.

He highlights the unpredictable nature of organic content compared to the more immediate validation seen with paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, he discusses the interconnection between sales & marketing, and explores why salespeople often struggle to close deals.

As we wrap up, Aaron provides valuable insights on when to introduce pricing during the sales process. Additionally, he explores the psychology behind sales objections and shares actionable tips on how to handle them skillfully.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:12] The biggest misconception about social media

[05:42] Introducing today’s guest, Aaron Martinez  

[06:36] Some of the clients that works with

[07:35] The current challenges in the coaching/education industry

[09:40] The backstory of

[11:13] Aaron’s partnership with

[13:40] Organic content vs Paid advertising

[17:10] How sales and marketing are intertwined

[18:21] Recommended reading: 

[19:24] Aaron’s favorite method of selling

[22:20] Why salespeople struggle to close a sale

[30:26] When should you discuss the price in the sales process?

[37:58] The psychology of sales objections and how to handle them

[45:00] Connect and learn more from Aaron Martinez


[46:42] Integration assignment 

[49:32] Why Aaron prefers voice messages over text messages

Key Takeaways:

  • The reason a video might not perform well on social media is often due to its intro being too long, too confusing, or too niched. [02:13]
  • When doing paid advertising, start with Facebook and YouTube ads because they help you validate way quicker. [13:40]
  • Organic marketing is unpredictable, unlike paid advertising. [14:04]
  • If you lack knowledge in sales and conversion, you might generate a ton of leads from organic marketing, but they still won’t convert because you don’t know how to turn those viewers into customers. [14:27]
  • Consultative selling simplifies the process because it builds rapport and trust with your prospects. Instead of feeling pressured, they feel motivated to work with you. [20:48]   
  • The first person to speak after the price is mentioned loses. [35:27]
  • In the psychology of sales objections, humans tend to give reasons that do not make them sound weak. [38:34]

People Mentioned and Other Resources:

  1. Cole Gordon
  2. Dean Graziosi
  3. Jay Abraham
  4. Frank Kern
  5. Russell Brunson
  6. Alex Hormozi
  7. Breakthrough Advertising:

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